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Tune-up Your Voicemails for Aged Lead Success

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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If you are working aged leads you are going to be leaving a lot of voicemails. Our lives are increasingly busy and reaching someone on the phone is nearly impossible. Therefore, to be successful you need a voicemail strategy that converts.

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Credibility, Curiosity, and the Dangle

Like a good elevator pitch or phone script your voicemail messages should be practiced to perfection.

Ironically voicemails are probably about 85 percent of our sales day, the balance of which goes to phone conversations or face-to-face meetings. However, if you read any sales training it will invariably be devoted to phone scripts, conversations, and networking. If you don’t create magic in the voicemail you are unlikely to even get a chance to use these skills.

What are you trying to create in those 10-15 seconds?

  • Credibility – Give quick confidence that you’re from a reputable company with the experience to help
  • Curiosity – Tell them why they should be considering your services-even if they aren’t
  • The Dangle – You have to give them some reason to call. Don’t dangle rate (everyone does that) try dangling news (something they can confirm), something that has changed in the market that requires their attention.

Script it, Read it, Throw it Away

Don’t wing it, script it. Don’t leave it to chance every call and voicemail is only one shot in the dark. You won’t get feedback or a second chance so spend some extra time scripting your voicemail.

Now that you have taken the time to script and tweak it to perfection-read it and throw it away.


Yes, you heard me right. Nothing is worse than a script read-no matter how perfect. If you spent the time writing, practicing, and perfecting it will be natual. Don’t ruin it by reading it.

Build Instant Rapport

One last little trick: This one takes a little practice and being quick on your feet-use their introductory message to build rapport.

Listen closely to their message and try to match them as close as possible. If they speak slowly, speak slowly. If they are abrupt, be very brief. If they are long and detailed, be very specific.

You are getting a quick snapshot into their personality. Try to leverage that to build some level of affinity.

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