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Trumpcare? Health Insurance Leads Open for Business

By Troy Wilson
Trumpcare? Health Insurance Leads Open for Business Feature Image
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TrumpcareWe may be days away from the end of 2017 Open Enrollment, but there are plenty of aged health insurance leads still out there, open and ready for business. Right now, Obamacare is still the law of the land — subsidies, coverage penalties, rising healthcare costs and all — but many leads are holding out hope for Trumpcare — a Trump healthcare policy that addresses the issues of mandatory coverage penalties and skyrocketing costs.

It’s a tough spot, but the facts remain the same: Trumpcare won’t be here by January 31st, and it’s risky to chance all of 2017 without coverage. Many folks will still pony up and buy coverage, even without subsidies, but they may need some encouragement and education.

Targeting Trump Healthcare Leads

Open Enrollment opened in November. Aged health insurance leads who haven’t bought by this point are likely stuck in the decision-making process. The holidays are over, and the deadline is approaching. So what’s the holdup?

The truth is, these folks have plenty of questions. Some are specific to the current moment, and some are basic sales objections. If you’re targeting these hold-out insurance leads, here are the questions you’ll need to address.

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Whether to Buy Obamacare or Nothing?

The decision to buy insurance for tax subsidy recipients may be complicated, but it’s generally affordable. Likewise, the folks at the top of the economic food chain can shoulder the costs. It’s the folks squeezed in between with the biggest dilemma.

A recent NPR story points out the issue for families who benefit little or not at all from subsidized premium pricing. ACA benefits taper off as a family’s income approaches 400% of the poverty level (about $97,000 for a family of four). For healthy, young families, like the one in the NPR story, it’s a fair question of whether to buy an unaffordable policy or go without.

When Will Trumpcare Take Effect?

The consumers who most need relief from high premiums are the same group hoping a new government will be able to help. And that possibility certainly exists, but the question is timing.

“If this were easy, it already would have happened,” says Larry Levitt, a spokesman for Kaiser Family Foundation. It’s likely a replacement or reform to the Affordable Care Act is months, if not years, away.

That realization may make a difference for aged leads holding out for better health insurance options. It is likely many fence-sitters would buy from the best available options, given this knowledge.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

A more timeless sales objection holding many leads back is cost. While health insurance premiums and deductibles are admittedly high and heading higher, this objection has been around for years, even when prices were much lower.

Agents can’t do anything about the price of a premium, but there are plenty of other ways to help these leads. An experienced agent can help such leads find the best price available, educate about subsidies if they qualify, warn about the tax penalty, and sell the benefits of coverage and peace of mind.

Which Plan Should I Choose?

For many people, holding off on buying doesn’t mean they haven’t done their research. Perhaps your leads have a stack of policy brochures “as high as a stack of pancakes,” like the mother in the NPR story.

But leads don’t make these kinds of decisions every day. The variety of options can paralyze the decision-maker. Even more, many ordinary people don’t know how to organize and meet their own needs — can they keep their doctor, is their medication covered, etc.

Can I Afford to Go Without Coverage?

Another common sales objection can see some consider going without coverage. Without health insurance coverage, people open themselves and their families up to big hardship. While some may understand this risk, too many don’t think it through.

A serious medical issue doesn’t just affect a family’s immediate bills. Even a short hospital stay without insurance could drain savings for retirement, college, or a new house. Many don’t consider the far-reaching affects of having no coverage at all.

Closing Trump Healthcare Leads

Agents working aged health insurance leads need to consider the mindset and situation of these hold-out leads. There’s still a good opportunity to nurture many of these leads through to a sale. But it’s necessary to understand where they’re coming from.

The confusion over healthcare policy, affordability issues, the complexity of deciding on a policy, and the usual collection of insurance sales objections have got many folks stuck. Target your email campaigns, call scripts, lead page, and blog to address these questions, and you’ll get more of those leads unstuck.

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Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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