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Top Phone Systems for a Successful Call Center

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

If you’re running one or more call centers, or if your marketing team does cold calling or works with real-time leads, it’s important to choose a phone system that suits your purposes and works well with your existing technology.

Ideally, your phone system should do four things for you. First, it should offer you increased opportunities for revenue. Second, it should help you contain costs. The best phone systems tailor their goods and services to the customer’s unique situation so that the customer does not end up paying for things he or she doesn’t need. Third, your phone system should help your staff be more productive. Finally, and perhaps the hardest thing, is that your phone system needs improve customer satisfaction. That means your call centers should opt for phone systems that are user-friendly. The last thing your reputation needs is a number of customers complaining about trying to call for help and getting stuck in “menu hell.”

Before you select a phone service, consider whether it will be used for incoming calls, outgoing calls, or both. Finally, make sure that the phone system you choose is compatible with your current technology.

With those issues in mind, a few phone systems have widespread reputations in the industry for providing quality products and services.

Three Phone Systems Companies with Excellent Reputations

ShoreTel. ShoreTel gets high marks because of its flexibility. You can use it to manage any kind of campaign from cold calling to addressing the needs of real-time leads. ShoreTel works with many large companies, but it doesn’t shut out the little guy, either. Its features can be scaled back to meet the needs of small business owners. Finally, ShoreTel is a popular phone system because it is easy to use. Your sales people actually get to spend their time making sales instead of struggling to understand the phone system.


Cisco. Cisco is the preferred phone system of many marketers because they offer a range of communication choices besides the telephone. The system is also a favorite of customers, because it is programmed to deliver each contact to an available and appropriate resource.

Avaya. Avaya places an emphasis on serving businesses which provide financial services, education, healthcare, and hospitality. It offers centralized control for the far-flung workplace. Additionally, it protects your sales staff from burning out because it prevents them from having to run at 100% “occupancy.” Avaya can handle a volume of up to 3000 calls, and also offers a wide variety of technologies.

If you are looking at putting a new phone system in place, take some time to consider which system will best meet the needs of your staff as well as your customers and leads.

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