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To Phone or Not to Phone? C’mon…Pounce!

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read

Sales 2.0, social media, social networking, and other like terms are literally sucking the air out of the room. But, will it really work on it’s own? Will it work without “real” contact, real connections?

Here are a few really good lessons to review before you begin believing sales happen without phone and “belly-to-belly” interactions.

Funnelholic on the “Pounce Controversy”

This all started with a simple post/survey by Mike Damphousse on his blog asking, “Webleads: Pounce, pause, nurture, or wait?”

Funnelholic gave his initial answer, which then evolved into this essential conclusion: Phones still matter!

1. The phone still works.
2. For it to work, we need to get our phone resources connected with the right people (NOTE: if you sent an email to someone, I hope you sent it to a targeted list).
3. New technologies should increase our connect rates, NOT keep us from talking to people.
4. The phone is your best weapon in the lead-conversion rate war.

Need some more convincing? How about from the master marketer himself…

Seth Godin on Social Networking

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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