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The Best Membership Sites for Insurance Agent Sales Tools

By Troy Wilson
The Best Membership Sites for Insurance Agent Sales Tools Feature Image
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Insurance Agent Sales ToolsIt’s hard going it alone in the world. Even in the highly competitive aged lead insurance sales business, there’s strength in numbers. You’re not the only one looking for the best insurance agent sales tools, wondering about sales pipeline management, or how to find clients for life insurance.

The six sites below are some of the best membership sites for insurance agents, providing you with sales scripts, autoresponder templates, training, mentoring, tools, and other resources. I highly recommend all of them to agents looking to improve their own business and learn from the experience of others.


SalesScripter is the maker of a popular sales prospecting software platform. The tool generates specialized call scripts, email templates, and sales pitches based on your business parameters. These are determined through an automated Q&A that helps build custom solutions just for you. The tool also comes with CRM functionality, email automation, and gamification tools for motivating your entire team.

However, SalesScripter is more than just a script tool. The website features a number of sales technique ebooks with a subscription to the tool. There’s also a blog, video series, and library of webinars to help you along with all your sales pipeline management questions.

7 Figure Sales Tools

7 Figure Sales Tools has an enticing name and some equally enticing promises. The site promises to help sales professionals “make 100k a year” and increase your sales activity, presentations, and closes by 15% or more in as little as two to three weeks. The program comes in a series of video course materials. Visitors can preview these training materials before committing, when they will be able to watch at the office or on the go on mobile, take notes, track their sales improvement progress, and download attachments. The tool offers dozens of training videos, instant access, and a 30-day refund policy.

Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring takes the promise of a $100k a year insurance business and ups the ante, with instructions it says will help you build a $10 million insurance agency. This site offers coaching and mentoring to help shorten the learning curve with step-by-step schedules and instructions.

Beyond Inspire a Nation’s primary insurance agent mentoring and coaching tools, the site also features its own automated marketing assistant CRM, an agency-building manual and workbook, and guides for small business professionals.

The Independent Life Insurance Agent Association (ILIAA) offers membership in a 1,300-strong group trusted by health and life insurance agents across the country. The portal features training, support, and discounts to its members. Members can get access to current and archived training modules, live training events, and even one-on-one training and coaching. This is a pretty nice deal for professional agents, with memberships starting at only $19.95 a month. ILIAA even offers a free three-day trial to see if this set of tools is right for you.

Final Expense 101

Final Expense 101 (FE101) promises the best training resources on the net for life insurance sales professionals. FE101 is another web portal that pairs its training materials with membership discounts. This is a resource that takes folks all the way through starting their career in final expense to building a self-sustaining business. The site also hosts monthly podcasts and chats with agents about the business.

American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance is another great resource for those sales agents working with Medicare supplemental insurance leads. This site isn’t just for agents, it serves the needs of insurance leads and consumers, too. For agents, the site features video sales training by top Medicare Supplement agents to help you learn this line of business and get started assisting health insurance leads with their Medicare Supplement insurance needs. The site also features an agent directory, which sales agents like you can get listed in for a yearly or multi-year service fee. With top ranking in Google search results for Medicare Supplement searches, many listed agents earn business via their listing.

Final Thoughts

So you see, you don’t have to go it alone. Despite the competitive nature of the insurance business, there are many, many resources, tools, services, mentor programs, and listing services available for sales agents. Deciding to use these tools suited just to your line of business is a no-brainer. Many resources are inexpensive or even free in some cases. And the return on investment, of course, can be huge. Imagine if you have new leads contacting you every week, or you’re able to build a six-, seven-, or even eight-figure insurance business by following in the footsteps of the experts. As I noted above, I think these sites offer some of the best resources available today for agents. Any one that you feel is right for you should give you a good boost to your skill set and sales figures.

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