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Testimonials Increase Your Business

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
Sales and Marketing Fallout
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Nothing converts a client like another customer singing your praises, but so many loan officers and debt counselors neglect this sales tool. Client testimonials and referrals should be a very intentional step in your sales process. Remind yourself of how important testimonials are with this three step process.

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Get Testimonials

Like I said, getting testimonials needs to be a very specific step in your sales process. You should be using past client testimonials very early in your sales process with every prospect. This is a great time to start foreshadowing your request for a testimonial, “at the end of their exceptional experience.”

At every closing you need to closely interview the customer. Use this process to coach them on how to give an incredible testimonial. Not only will this give you a great comment for your marketing material, but it will condition their referral marketing.

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Use Testimonials

Once you have great testimonials don’t forget to use them. Enthusiastic endorsements do little good as a personal thank you or atta-boy. You need to turn those into web content, brochures, and editorials in the local newspaper.

Have a testimonial plan and execute on it with each new testimonial you get.

Thank Testimonials

Once you get a great testimonial, don’t forget your manners–say, “Thank You!” Send a personal note with a gift card to a great restaurant or tickets to a local sporting event. Let them know how much you appreciate their business and the business they are going to refer to you in the future.

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