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Should You Brand Your Blog?

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
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I know many of you blog to build your personal brand or increase you flow of high quality exclusive leads. The question is are you branding that blog or just spitting out content?

3 Reasons to Brand Your Blog

I came across a nice article on about branding your blog. He is talking to copywriters and for-profit bloggers, but we’re all in the business of making money so it seems like a pretty important topic. This is especially important if you use blogging for lead generation, which you should by the way.

Here are’s main points:

  • Branding makes you easy to find
  • Branding makes you memorable
  • You can create and reinforce your brand’s image

Winning Customers, Why Make it Hard?

Ultimately, we all know that winning customers is about having good service and a quality product. I assume you are working hard on that every day, but why would you make it hard to find your great business?


That really is the problem you are solving with branding. It is not the glitz and the glamour. It is the making it easy part.

You need to use you blog in an intelligent way to get prospects familiar and funneling into your sales process.

So, take a look-see what has to say.

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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