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Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Sell More Insurance

By Troy Wilson
Apply These 8 Secret Techniques To Sell More Insurance Feature Image
7 minute read

There are plenty of insurance sales techniques that everyone applies to their sales game, but if you want truly impactful sales interactions, you’ll have to seek out some more unusual sales techniques.

Common sales techniques — like active listening, finding an “in,” and projecting confidence and enthusiasm — will help you sell more insurance. This is why everyone talks about them, after all.

But there are plenty of lesser-known alternatives that can take your insurance business to the next level, whether you’re working with the best aged leads around or a less stellar batch of prospects. Today, I’d like to tell you about eight secret techniques you can apply right now to see big results

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Every Sale Is the Same and Different

I talk a lot on this site about creating a repeatable, automatable process to help you close more sales. And most sales professionals apply some version of this idea in their own sales processes. And so you’ve made thousands of deals. In one sense, they’re all the same.

However, all these common sales are also different at the same time. Like snowflakes, each client and each sales transaction is unique. Recognize the uniqueness of your customers and your sales, even as you implement streamlining sales processes.

It’s a subtle thing. While much of the sales pipeline will be the same for all your leads, you will discover there are moments where uniqueness matters. DFoe example, don’t text your clients. They want to hear your voice on the phone in a follow-up call. 

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Mugs Aren’t Just Silly Momentos

As many of you know, the nurturing process for leads continues to get longer. It now takes anywhere from five to seven contacts to close an insurance sale today. With such a long delay, and in such a hectic world we live in, it’s all too easy for a lead to just forget about their insurance quote — even if they have the means, info, and need to buy.

Leaving your prospects and current clients with a little momento — coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, mouse pads, and such, customized with your branding — can help jog the memory of prospects who needed to “think about it.” These affordable trinkets can also earn you cross-sales down the line — say when your auto client buys a new boat.

Pressing Urgency to Close

It may not be wise to call your quote a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but it is prudent to create a little sense of urgency for those prospects who can and want to purchase but are holding off for some reason. If you have a prospect who’s well qualified regarding budget and need, you’ve answered their objections, they’ve shown interest, but are delaying on the fifth, sixth, or seventh contact, it’s okay to push a bit for sales.

Tell him you’d hate to see him miss out on this great offer. Remind her that if she signs up today, she qualifies for that discounted premium. If you write for a carrier that does offer discounts or special offers, make it known. This is a one-time reduced-premium deal. There is a 5% discount for customers this week only.

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Enlightenment for Sales

Many times prospects can have an epiphany in the middle of a sales presentation. They can learn something new about life, think about the world in a new way. In fact, a lot of people get so caught up in the day-to-day grind that they may not think about certain “what ifs” that stand out to you after thousands of insurance client conversations.

Say you have a situation where the sole breadwinner of the family is shopping for insurance. In the course of the quote, you learn this family has three young children at home, cared for by a stay-at-home mom. What would happen to this family if something were to happen to that mother, caregiver, and homemaker? When such an obvious insurance need stands out to you, enlighten your prospect. It may win you a sale and a family peace of mind.

Be a Great Storyteller

We humans are not machines. We have heart; we have soul, we are moved by a happy anecdote or a cautionary tale. Sales professionals would do well to keep this in mind with their prospects. It’s true that you can lay out all the facts, the features, the benefits, answer the objections, and detail the industry statistics. For some deals, this will matter greatly.

But other clients need to hear a story. A picture is worth a thousand insurance statistics. Set the scene for your prospects about how a particular product will help protect the financial future of their family. Give an example of how the right insurance helped people in the past. Or explain a cautionary tale about a family that experienced hardship because they didn’t plan for the unexpected.

It’s the Economy, Friend

Many insurance purchases are initiated and influenced by economic pressures. Don’t neglect this aspect of the sales conversation when dealing with individual prospects. Not all households are the same. Depending on the age or generation of your prospect, their household size, their economic status, they may need different things from an insurance policy.

The key is to be attuned to these background issues and work to accommodate the needs of your specific client. Of course, your prospect probably won’t tell you his economic class or tell you directly how tight or flexible his economic situation is. This is something you’ll have to interpret based on other information he provides.

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This Is an Exclusive Offer

Everyone likes to feel special, and insurance prospects are no different. There’s something affirming about feeling like you’re getting a special deal or allowed a unique opportunity that is closed to some other people. Exclusivity implies status, it helps people form a sense of identity and even helps some develop a sense of themselves.

While many insurance offers are open to thousands or millions of people, some offers, such as though related to good driving, good credit, senior status, and so forth, are open only to select insurance customers. They may not be singularly unique offers, but you can still play up this angle by pointing out that your qualifying lead is in a league of his own.

Flattery Makes Friends

An old proverb notes that a compliment can make you friends. (The other part is that blunt honesty could cost you friends.) And yet you folks are competent sales professionals who have read all the way to the end of this post. As diligent professionals, I’m sure you understand how my last secret sales technique involves flattering your prospect during the nurturing process.  

It’s true, complimenting your prospect’s knowledge, good past decisions, diligence, and forethought can make a difference when it comes to closing. Beyond buttering up a lead, it’s more about assuring your prospect that they are doing something good for themselves and their family. Many people are looking for that peace of mind when they buy insurance, so don’t be afraid to confirm that they are in fact helping take care of those they care about by acquiring the right coverage.

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Wrapping Up

It’s true that many pieces of advice can help you close more sales. But these sales tips are not just for anyone. These eight secret tips are for those sales professionals who’ve already mastered the basics and are looking for something more. Many of these tips have to do with psychology and intuition. Don’t be afraid to ask important questions, make reasonable assumptions, and offer practical advice to your prospects and clients. That’s exactly what many of them are looking for. With a little luck and some practice, these techniques should help you improve your sales and build your business.

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Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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