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Sales Training, Creating Buying Personas

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read

Have you ever thought about who you are selling to? What makes them tick? What makes them different from others you sell to? What do they really need? Are there patterns?

If you want to increase your sales production you should begin to segment, identify, and train against personas–creating scenarios that match target customers.

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Sales Tracking

Beginning to track your sales is the first step in identifying the various segments of your target customer. Tracking sales will tell you the difference between customers–contact rates, conversion rates, and sales processes.

Tracking each sales lead will build excellent information to guide your sales training.

Customer Segmenting

Sales tracking metrics and segmentation can then be categorized into various personas–prototypical customer profiles. Segmentation allows your sales training to be effectively prepared for the variety of people you will encounter throughout the average sales day.

Segmenting into specific personas will give your sales people more tools to identify and effectively engage more customer scenarios.

Needs Assessment

Personas can be role-played and evaluated for specific needs and wants. These needs can then be played into a variety of sales training modules, allowing sales people to understand how to gather and react to a variety of different needs.


Objections also play a significant factor in building a training persona. Each objection you get can, more than likely, be categorized into a consistent persona. This will allow your training to understand the potential objections, which might be injected into a sales call very early in the engagement. Personas prepare you to be on your game–overcoming objections.

Success Monitoring

Ultimately your desire is to be more effective in selling to any and all personas. Monitoring how each approach is working and what will yield you the most success is the big yield of sales training with personas.

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