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Insurance Blog NOLHA - Next Wave Marketing Strategies

Insurance Blog NOLHA – Next Wave Marketing

In January of 2012, a new independent organization for life and health agents swooped onto the scene. The National Organization of Life and Health Agents (NOLHA) opened and serves as the only professional insurance organization that combines the power of networking with valuable member benefits such as live training and discounts, all for no cost. With over 1,000 members, they are the fastest growing insurance organization in the country.
You can count on NOLHA to provide up-to-the-minute stories on breaking news like health care reform. NOLHA also offers several carefully thought-out blogs so you can read differing opinions on newsworthy stories.
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Finally, when you join the community, you can choose over half a dozen member forums or groups. These groups include life insurance, senior insurance, health insurance, final expense, leads and marketing, technology and productivity and health care reform. Being able to select only those groups that interest you allow you to ignore the groups that are less pertinent to your work.

Finally, when you subscribe, you will be able to download a Network User’s Guide that carefully walks you through all the steps of getting the most out of your new membership.

To become a member, go to Remember that this is no cost to become a member so sign up today!

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