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Sales Resource: Senior Insurance Marketing Association

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

If you sell products of interest to senior citizens, there’s a brand new resource on the Internet you’ll probably want to check out. It’s called the Senior Insurance Marketing Association, or SIMA, The Association’s mission, driven by its unique interactive member website, is to provide education and networking opportunities for agents who specialize in selling products of interest to seniors, such as Medicare Supplement/Advantage, Final Expense, Long Term Care, and more. Joining SIMA is free of charge to agents.

Launched in June of 2012, the association already claims a membership of around 300 senior-focused producers.

Benefits of Joining

Education. This is where the association lists its upcoming educational opportunities. On June 7 and June 8, for instance, they offered a webinar about the almost lost art of selling door-to-door. SIMA Events are always free to members.

Blog. The association offers a well-crafted blog which offers articles about topics ranging from specific products available to seniors to explanations of ideas like the law of attraction.

Sub-groups. If you’re only interested in one or two senior products, the association offers you the opportunity to sign up for various subgroups such as final expenses, leads and marketing and technology and productivity. When you visit the site, you can save time by looking at updates specific for just the groups you have joined.

Industry resources. SIMA provides documents, videos and other materials to help agents learn about senior products and selling techniques.


Getting Connected. If you long to talk to share tips and war stories with other insurance professionals, the association offers both a live chat area and a community forum. Your visits to these areas will give you a chance to network with and learn from others in your field.

Staying up to Date. You can’t read every single paper in the world or even watch every single news program on television. SIMA scans the news for items that will of interest to agents who work with the senior population and places them prominently on the home page. You can also look in the NEW ON SIMA box to easily see what is new or upcoming on SIMA.

Information in this world zips by at the speed of light. If you blink, you could miss something important. That’s why independent resources like the Senior Insurance Marketing Association are so helpful. They give you a chance to slow down for a few seconds, relax, and enjoy educational opportunities in a friendly, close-knit community. If you sell products of interest to seniors, this is one association you don’t want to pass up. Membership is free, so you can’t lose.

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