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Aged Health Insurance Leads, A Perfect Marketing Strategy for Health Discount Cards

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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Despite all the political promises around universal health care it seems there are more uninsured that ever. Many of these folks are unemployed or have pre-existing conditions that make conventional health insurance options impossible.

For the uninsurable, health discount cards can be one of the few options.

A key part of building a successful insurance business is being able to serve as diverse a client base as possible. Unfortunately, there are some segments of the population that are very difficult to insure. Adding options for their uninsurable health needs can be challenging.

Discount Health Cards can be an option and health discount card leads can be a very cheap way to expand your insurance business.

Building a marketing plan for discount health cards essentially is an exercise in finding pockets of hard to insure customers. For this, aged health insurance leads are a great solution.


Here are some of the reasons aged health leads might be the right marketing strategy:

1. Aged health insurance leads are naturally underserved. This is the biggest advantage to grabbing a batch of aged health insurance leads to target discount health card prospects. Inherently these customers have been inderserved. They have either been rejected for traditional health insurance options or they are simply an undesirable segment for more traditional health insurance plans.

2. Aged health leads are nearly exclusive. Because they are inherently underserved, these leads are very likely to also be exclusive. Not only is the competition likely to be light because they are older inquiries, but there is a really good chance that no one was able to help them in response to their original Web inquiry.

3. Aged insurance leads are cheap. Getting a big ROI out of this lead buy is nearly assured. You are going to be getting these leads for a fraction of the price and they still have solid buying intention behind them.

Introducing this segment of underserved health insurance prospects to the option of health discount cards could be a win-win situation: You get to serve a bigger and more profitable market and these underserved customers get some health care cost relief.

Would you like to talk more about how aged health insurance leads might be right for your discount health card business? Contact Next Wave Marketing Strategies and give some of these Internet leads a try and watch your business grow!

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