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Part 3: 10 Things That Matter Most When Buying Insurance Leads

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

Quality Insurance LeadsRecent surveys of insurance agents have found that more than 70 percent purchase leads occasionally or some of the time. An additional 12 percent purchase leads every day. What makes the difference between a good lead and a bad lead? In this article, agents provide the 10 factors that matter most to them when they purchase insurance leads.

1. Contactibility

The lead generation company must provide as much contact information as possible. Although one type of contact information, such as an email address, is all right, most agents prefer to have multiple ways to contact a prospect such as email, phone, cell phone, and direct mail.

2. Prospect Interested in Product

If you’re selling Medicare supplement insurance, the last thing you need is a prospect list of healthy 20-somethings. The lead generation company has got to be able to match their leads with your products.

3. Prospect Information is Accurate and Complete

Accurate and complete information can help you contact clients as swiftly as possible with ideas that meet their unique needs.

4. Number of Times Shared

Some agents prefer shared leads because they are less expensive than so-called exclusive leads. If you are purchasing shared leads, ask the seller how many times the leads have been shared and with what types of businesses. Purchasing leads that have already made the rounds extensively in your niche or geographic location might not be a good use of your money.

5. Customer Service

You will save yourself a lot of headaches if you select a lead generation company that is be friendly, reliable, knowledgeable, and quick to help resolve any problems or disputes.

6. Speed of Delivery

You’ve probably heard agents refer to the “golden hour.” This means that the faster they get the referral and follow up with the prospect, the more likely they are to make a sale. For that reason, real-time leads, which are delivered as soon as they come in, are worth more than leads that are delivered at the end of each day or each week.

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7. Average Cost per Acquisition

Check out the prices of several lead generation companies. Although selecting the cheapest one isn’t always your best strategy – you do get what you pay for – you also want to avoid any companies that charge significantly higher rates for the same services.

8. Prospect’s Readiness to Buy

Prospects are most ready to buy immediately after they’ve requested a sales call or a free quotation. If you’ve catch them during this time, your sales conversion rate will be solid. With every hour that passes between the prospect’s request and your response, the likelihood of making a sale decreases.

9. Filters

Filters allow you to request certain types of insurance leads. Some of the most common filters include age, insurability, geographic location, and types of insurance being sought. A lead generation company should provide several filtering options so that you will get your ideal prospects.

10. Quantity

If you live in a small, rural area and you’re not interested in expanding your reach, the lead generation company may not be able to locate enough prospects in your area to justify spending your money. in this example, you’ll probably get more leads through referral, local advertising, or word of mouth.

Buying insurance leads can be a quick way to get prospects. Before you take out your checkbook, however, make sure to talk with the lead generation company about these 10 factors and make sure the provider you’re selecting can meet the needs of your sales agents.

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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