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How to Motivate Your Sales Team Like Tony Robbins

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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Perhaps, you’ve heard of Tony Robbins, the entrepreneur sales and life coach motivational speaker. For decades, he has assisted Presidents of the United States, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, startup entrepreneurs achieve success, and even I have benefited from his seminars, CDs, and books. Tony Robin’s proven motivational steps are the gold standard for sales people worldwide.

Enjoy life. Start everyday like it’s the last. Always pursue it to the fullest. Don’t be one of those people that roll out of bed grunting and moaning. Get excited. Find true passion in whatever it is you do. Be a leader. Hold your head high and be proud by always giving 110% to achieve the sales team goals.

If you’re a manager add emotional incentives for salaried workers to exceed daily. For commission workers run a bonus contest, whoever performs the best wins! Make each day a new adventure, change it up – sales people get bored with the same old routine. Make coming to work exciting and financially rewarding for those top sales producers. Not everyone needs money incentives. Try a few perks;

●      Go home 1 hour early on Friday.

●      Better parking spot

●      Extra break time

●      Leave 15-20 minutes early on any given day

●      Free lunch

●      The most comfortable chair in the office

●      Small cash bonuses ($50 or $100 can motivate most people)

Keep the work place positive, be a powerful leader. Listen carefully to what your sales people are telling you – get the feedback from the field. Whether it’s a pricing or quality issue sales people are in the trenches they feel what consumers are saying about your product or services.


Monitor your employees, measure their progress. What are they spending the majority of their time doing? Are they reaching their full potential?

Meet regularly with employees to show them visually how they are performing in comparison with others. Be upfront, don’t sugar coat weakness always look out for the best interest of the employee to succeed it will deliver bottom line results.

Communicate with employees and be open to their suggestions and ideas. Motivate them to save money for the company. Stress innovation as a corner stone building block to continuous education and training programs.

Limit the length of meetings, generally anything beyond 45-minutes people tend to fall asleep. Deliver a clear and precise message. Keep it short and to the point. Lead by example. Show them how you achieved past results.

Challenge you’re employees to always do better each time. Create a team oriented environment. Keep it competitive but members should be encouraged to work together to succeed. Allow each team to develop their own identity something that separates them from the rest.

Be a power speaker. Advocate believe in the company’s ability to deliver great products and services to the consumer market. Learn from mentors the secrets to their success.

Allow employees quiet time each day to relax and recharge the battery. Whether that’s a short walk or picnic lunch outdoors, get the employees out for a break outside the office cubical walls.

Reward and acknowledge employees that perform going beyond. Let employees know you appreciate their hard work and they have earned the right to be proud.

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