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Medicare Supplement Leads

Medigap or Medicare Supplement Insurance is one of the quickest ways to build your commissions.

An average of 10,000 Americans a day are aging into Medicare eligibility. The large population of Baby Boomers and Generation X right behind them are massive generational shifts that are creating enormous opportunity for savvy insurance agents.

Whether you are looking for Medicare Annual Enrollment leads or just stocking your database with seniors aging into Medicare, Aged Lead Store is the most affordable way to fill your sales pipeline.

Browse Medicare Leads

Benefits of Selling Med Supps

There are a lot of good reasons to add Medicare Supplement Insurance to your book of business. It can diversify your portfolio and expand your business in a variety of ways.

Medicare supplement insurance often complements your existing product offerings in the following common ways:

  • Existing insurance clients will mature into Medicare eligibility
  • Most Medicare-eligible clients will need Medigap insurance
  • Medicare supplement insurance often brings up other insurance needs
  • Medicare-eligible clients can be excellent referral sources

Med Supp is also a smart way to grow your business. Here are just a few reasons insurance agents grow when adding Medicare Supplement Insurance to their portfolio:

  • Medicare Supplements are relatively easy and efficient to sell. Most carriers have simple e-applications and most Med Supps don’t require special certifications
  • Med Supps don’t have special sign-up periods, but Annual Enrollment Periods often spike new applications and business growth
  • Most Med Supp policies receive renewal commission for around six years, possibly longer depending on the carrier
  • Oh, did we mention Medicare-eligible clients are often great referral sources

Are you ready to grow your insurance business? Do you want to add a powerful source of new commissions to your portfolio? Would you like to have a diverse, market-proof book of business?

Yes, yes, and of course?!

Okay, then let’s get started with some Medicare Leads.

Browse Medicare Leads

How to Find Medicare Leads and Prospects

Obviously, we would argue that Aged Lead Store is the best way to get your Medicare supplement leads. But, we understand that just like you want to diversify your insurance product portfolio, you might also want to diversify your lead sources.

So, we’re going to help you with some additional Medicare supplement insurance sales and marketing ideas.

And, what better way to really see the power of aged Medicare supplement leads by comparing them to your other marketing channels.

Here are a few additional ways to generate medical supplement leads.

  • Networking – Attending or creating learning events are a great way to learn new trends and meet people. These sorts of events often generate discussions and relationships that can provide you with new prospects.
  • Website – Face it, if you’re going to be a true professional insurance agent you need a website. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but a simple website with your contact information, a form to request insurance quotes, and some simple statements about what makes you different is crucial. After all, even referrals will search for your name and website to check on your legitimacy and credibility.
  • Advertising – There are lots of opportunities to do a little advertising to get your name out there and to become a “household name” around your local area. This can be as simple as sponsoring a couple of local sports teams, high school clubs, or as ambitious as a billboard or radio ad.
  • Social Media – These days it seems like social media is equivalent to word of mouth marketing. Social media seems to be the most common way that we socialize and it is often our community. So, I would absolutely recommend that you create a Facebook page at the minimum and actively post and share in social media.
  • Referrals – Your clients, friends, family, and partners that serve a similar demographic (i.e., financial advisors, accountants, churches, civic organizations, etc.) are still the best way to generate leads and business.

While you’re trying to figure out how to do all that other marketing stuff, take the shortcut to a few additional apps today!

Get Medicare Supplement Leads

Using Aged Lead Store to Build Your Med Supp Business

Browse our massive inventory of aged Medicare supplement insurance leads. Pre-qualify the precise leads you want by filtering through the data provided by each customer. Find and select only the prospects that you feel confident you can close.

Aged med supp leads are the most affordable way to fill your sales pipeline. Stop wasting time trying to learn to an online marketing guru or cold calling. Get access to consumers that have already indicated an interest in shopping for insurance – Internet leads that were generated by the best in the business.

Your next client is sitting in our database just waiting to be added to yours.

Here’s how it works:

  • Browse our inventory of millions of prequalified aged medicare supplement leads
  • Target your ideal  Medigap insurance sales prospects
  • Dynamically filter according to age, location, carrier, phone type and more
  • Add them to your shopping cart, securely check-out, and instantly download your new Medicare supplement leads

Browse Medicare Leads

Millions of searchable, Internet Medigap leads

A small investment (couple hundred dollars) could add hundreds of new opportunities to your database and thousands to your commissions

Aged Lead Store is the best place to filter for new opportunities to fill your database. What’s more, we’re constantly replenishing and adding to our inventory of opt-in Internet leads. These are customers that have shown, through insurance quote requests, to be active shoppers for new insurance.

These insurance leads are ideal for…

  • New insurance agents trying to build a new book of business as fast and cheap as possible
  • Agent trainers and trainees that need lots of opportunities to refine their sales skills
  • Motivated agents that want to break into the top performer ranks, but just need leads
  • Savvy top performers that know the value of a large database full of the right prospects
  • Seasoned veterans that know the importance of constantly adding new prospects to their database

Find and filter the perfectly targeted prospects for your marketing and sales approach.

Fill your database and then make it a routine practice to restock with our constantly replenished inventory of opt-in insurance leads.

Browse Medicare Leads

Some of the unique benefits of using Aged Lead Store

  • Geotargeted – Filter by SCF, zip codes, area codes, city, county, or state for truly local leads
  • Prequalified – Advanced filtering by risk type or consumer age range
  • High quality – Leads that have been cleaned and data-enhanced to ensure accuracy
  • Faster – Instant lead retrieval upon account creation and check-out
  • Secure – Online credit card processing and lead distribution in a secure and encrypted manner
  • Flexible. No long-term contract – Pay as you go. No deposits or commitments. $50 minimum order.
  • Trusted – Proven vendor network & lead cleansing and enhancement process; A+ BBB rating.

Learn How Aged Lead Store Works

Filter and Buy Exactly the Leads You Want.

Check out this brief demo to see how easy Aged Lead Store has made it to find, filter, and fill your sales pipeline with precisely the leads you’re confident will fatten your commissions.

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Here’s the kind of things our customers say

“Troy Wilson and the Aged Lead Store are an important part of the overall marketing tool bag that I use with the agencies of the Williams Family Investment Group and recommend as president of Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring.

I have spent many hours with Troy discussing aged leads, insurance agents, and what we can do to help make their business quality of life better and easier. Troy has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to go above and beyond what the traditional internet lead providers are doing to validate lead contact information.

Love internet leads or hate them, they still need to be in your marketing conversation. By offering a low-cost option to expensive real-time internet leads, along with all of the lead options Troy and his team at the Aged lead Store are keeping aged internet leads relevant and affordable.

Troy is a business leader of the highest integrity that cares about every single customer he services.”

Billy R. Williams, Ph.D., President – Inspire a Nation Business Mentoring

Browse Medicare Leads