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Making Your Insurance Website Mobile Friendly

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

Mobile Friendly Insurance WebsitesSeveral studies have shown that as many as half of all local searches are launched using mobile devices such as smart phones. By 2013, 1.7 billion people will use mobile devices to connect to the Internet. It’s important, then, that your insurance website is mobile friendly.

Biggest Complaints from Mobile Users

Mobile users surfing the web tend to complain of three significant problems: text that is cramped or too tiny to read easily, difficulty with navigation, and slow connection speeds – more than 60 percent of mobile viewers want the site they are looking at to load within three seconds. Users who get annoyed with sites usually move on to another site that is more mobile friendly, perhaps the site of a competitor. You can’t create lead generation if your leads don’t stay around long enough to look at what you have to offer.

If you suspect website isn’t up to speed, make creating a mobile-friendly website a vital part of your sales process. These tips will help you get started.

Assess Your Website

You can use a tool like Google’s HowToGoMo to assess what your insurance website currently looks like on a smart phone. Make a note of the features that you have difficulty viewing or would like to change.


Select a Responsive Theme

A responsive theme is a simple, uncluttered web page theme that is easily viewed on mobile devices without obscuring the content. You can create this type of theme with a mobile plug-in such as WP Touch for WordPress.

Provide Smart Navigation

Most mobile users prefer pagination vs. “previous” and “next” pages. It’s also helpful to add cornerstone content, key content words or phrases that are hyperlinked to the relevant passages.

Use Clear, Compelling Content

An important part of the sales process is to write content that grabs your reader by the throat from the first word and doesn’t let go. Use as few words as possible to get your point across. Also, use short paragraphs and headers to create white space that will make your content easier to read and digest.

Take Advantage of Mobile Phone Features

Mobile phones can be great for lead generation. Take advantage of their capabilities to offer click-to-call-features and local maps, locations, and directions.

Mobile devices are changing the faces of websites. Don’t let your insurance website get left behind. Take the steps you need to make it mobile-friendly and watch your conversion rate improve.

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