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Leaving Bad Sales Habits Behind in 2016

By Troy Wilson
Leaving Bad Sales Habits Behind in 2016 Feature Image
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bad sales habitsIt’s never too late to develop good sales habits and leave your bad sales habits in the dust. If you’re looking to improve your sales this year, start by improving your own performance. You’ll be amazed how much your business improves. Here are 12 habits to break now.

1. Selling in Desperation

We’ve all had the month where you didn’t know how you’d make your sales goal and things were looking desperate. Don’t let yourself fall into this mental trap, though. Prospects won’t buy because you need them to. Instead put more energy into filling your pipeline with prospects before you need them.

2. Mismatching Priorities and Commission Plans

If you have a sales team under you, make sure this year’s commission plan fits this year’s sales priorities. If it doesn’t, you’re in trouble. Your team should be fully aware of what outcomes are being incentivized and prioritized this year.

3. Missing the Mark on Consultative Selling

Are you doing consultative selling right, or does it turn out to be more like insultative selling? The former is where you want to be this year. The latter, it’s possibly what’s dragging down your sales.

4. Failing to Coach Your Team Effectively

When your team comes to you for help solving their questions, what happens? If you fix their problems for them, you’re creating a bad habit that’s going to drag down your productivity and allow your team to lean on you too much. Instead, encourage your team to work through their own questions, with subtle guidance from you when needed.

5. Using Sales Tricks and Gimmicks

Are you making sure to work in your lead’s name 3 times into your answering machine message? Why is that? If you don’t understand the why and the how of a sales technique, it can become a gimmick and it becomes far less effective. Make sure you understand that the root of all your sales techniques is about building trust and developing a rapport with the prospect.

6. Neglecting Time Management

How are spending your time? If you aren’t spending time on the most important tasks, such as filling your pipeline before you need to, your sales could suffer. If you don’t know you’re wasting time elsewhere, your sales are sure to suffer. The more precisely you can answer the question of where your time is going, the better chance you have of having a great sales year.

7. Selling Instead of Growing Sales

Where is your business and where do you want it to go? If you are working in your business too much, you will have less time to work on your business. Make sure you put time into developing your business. Yes, closing sales is important, but having an overall strategy of where your business is headed will be infinitely more profitable in the long run.

8. Neglecting Your Sales Coaching Role

If you manage a sales team, you should be spending half your time — half — coaching them. Full stop. Just as you must spend the right time and energy with prospects to close a sale, you must give the right help to your sales team to achieve success. And remember, their success is your success when it comes to your business.

9. Using Cookie-Cutter Activity Plans With Your Team

For those that have a sales team, you know activity plans are important and they need to mesh well with the business’s goals and objectives. But don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach to activity plans with your team. Such approaches fail to recognize that each individual has their own motivations and goals. Work with your team to create individualized plans that have a better chance of success.

10. Letting Yourself Be Spread Too Thin

There are only so many hours in a day and only one you. Don’t let yourself be spread too thin. You can’t solve all your problems and your team’s problems all the time. Prioritize what’s most important and for your team, encourage them to work through their own problems independently.

11. Implementing Half of Your CRM

You may feel like your CRM is lacking in some areas. Perhaps your sales CRM doesn’t play nice with your marketing software. Maybe that means you’re not using your CRM as much as you should. That’s a problem because your CRM is only as good as how your team is using it. Commit to working through your CRM issues and making the best use you can of it.

12. Failing to Manage Your Pipeline

Is your sales pipeline perpetually drying up? Or perhaps it’s clogged with low-quality leads? Either way, allowing your pipeline to languish is costing you sales and ultimately sales growth. Make sure you have enough leads when you need them and that they’re the high-quality leads that will drive your sales in 2016. At the Aged Lead Store, we have thousands of sortable, high-quality leads ready to help you fill your pipeline and meet your sales goals for 2016.

Visit the Aged Lead Store to fill your pipeline and leave behind your bad sales habits in 2016.

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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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