How to Leave an Intriguing Voice Mail and Get a Call Back

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How to Leave an Intriguing Voice Mail and Get a Call Back


Nobody wants to receive the automated voice mail message that sounds stiff and fake. Instead here are a few tips that will make your voice mail messages more productive.


Keep the length of a Voice Mail Message to 15–40 Seconds on average. This accomplishes several goals:

●      If your message is longer than one minute, you’ll lose their attention. Putting a time limitation on your voice mail messages prevents rambling.

●      A shorter message is more precise include compelling language to achieve your secondary objective, which is a return call.

●      Finally, emphasize the message’s importance by carefully crafting the right language/wording in each message.

Be sure each Message Gives an Incentive for the Customer to Return Your Call.

What is their motivation or reseaon to want to speak with you? The following statements do not motivate a prospect to return your calls:

●      “I’m just calling to check back with you to see if you have a need for …”

●      “The reason for my call is to verify if you received the information that I sent you last week.”

Many times, as sales people we play phone tag always trying to catch the customer in the office at that right moment. But inevitably we find ourselves holding the end of a phone line that has an annoying beep followed by our hopeful message.


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Then comes the anxious waiting period for the reply that typically never comes, precisely the reason for an intriguing voice mail message to be left from the get go. To get a reply there must be a sense of urgency and incentive i.e. what’s in it for me – most sales leads will ask.

Speak clearly and slowly into the phone leaving your short compelling message. It’s like planting a seed of intrigue that later will blossom hopefully into a sale.

Keep your message brief. Don’t give all the details – leave room for questions in the prospect’s mind to provide added incentive for them to reply.

Design at least five unique voice mail messages that are appropriate in fitting circumstances. For example, if this is the first contact message, it differs from subsequent follow up messages.

Fine tune your approach to catch hot button items that are specific to your prospect. If you know they need to refinance the mortgage to pay for kids college tuition use that piece of information to create dialogue.

Remember, your interests may be much different from the prospects needs. Be aware of your goal to benefit and provide solutions to their needs. Use your own experience to create a personal bond with the prospect.

Add fluxation to your voice mails, generating enthusiasm that may spur action on the part of the prospect. Each time you get the same voice mail try a new message, don’t leave the same old song again.

If the phone tag routine turns into three to four times with no reply, then try another method of contact, perhaps email, cell phone, fax and snail mail.

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