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Integrating Direct Mail in Your Life Insurance Business

By Troy Wilson
Integrating Direct Mail in Your Life Insurance Business Feature Image
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Some say direct mail is dead, especially in the insurance business. Well, I’m happy to report it’s alive and kicking. And for those of you wondering how to generate leads without cold calling? I think you’re going to want to hear more about direct mail.

As part of your overall business strategy, direct mail is a good start for how to sell insurance policies to customers. No matter your line of insurance or years in the business, you can always add direct mail to boost your bottom line. Here’s how to get started integrating it into your life insurance business.

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Campaign Design

Designing a direct mail campaign is as much an art as a science. Let’s start with the “science” or the nuts and bolts of your campaign.

Your mailing list is the cornerstone of your campaign. Whether you purchase aged leads or buy a list from a direct mail firm, aim for a list that will give you a good ROI. Make sure to plan each element of your campaign. What kind of mailer will you send — postcard, information packet? And how will prospects respond? Will you enclose a response vehicle or will you direct them to a pre-planned landing page online? Finally, you’ll want to test your setup, run it as planned, and measure the results.

Yet a campaign is also a bit of an art. How will you get leads, sorting through their mail while standing over the trash can, to not only hold onto your mailer but respond? To start, you want to make your mailing personalized — address them by name, not “current resident.” Have a compelling headline, good design, and coordinate your site’s landing page to match stylistically.

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The days of “spray and pray” with direct marketing are happily behind us. Smart targeting of your campaign is going to get you much better results for your insurance business. Make your targeting as fine-tuned as possible.

This may mean running a couple of smaller campaigns rather than one all-encompassing one. It can pay off in the long run to do this. For instance, consider targeting your appeal to customer “life chapters.” If you sell life insurance, young families are not going to respond to the same campaign you send your senior final expense prospects.

Since you’re going to be picky about who you send it out to, consider further personalizing the pieces. You could calculate ballpark rates based on individual age and gender. Or you could play up affinity relationships, such as discounts or specials for fans of a local sports team.  


As far as your strategy for the direct mail campaign, understand that a response is the start of a relationship. Just as today’s insurance customers aren’t sold in one phone call, they won’t be sold in one postcard.

Firstly, make it as easy as possible for leads to respond and get into your nurturing funnel. A multi-step process is likely to have a higher fall-off rate when leads abandon your funnel. Consider using prepaid envelopes, or pre-fill reply forms. Think about giving leads a return-mail option as well as an easy web address with a QR code they can scan to be taken to your landing page.

Be sure also to hook your leads with compelling headlines and copywriting. Emphasize long-term benefits of your annuities products, or use illustrative examples and storytelling for life insurance prospects that get them thinking. Or consider using a psychological selling technique, like emotional appeals or a limited-time offer.

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Managing one or more direct mail campaigns, in addition to the everyday chores of your existing insurance business, isn’t an easy task if you’re not organized. You can certainly contract with a vendor to run parts of your direct mail campaign, but when the responses come in, you’re going to have to manage those leads yourself. I recommend automating as much as you can.

Put your response return vehicles into a CRM as soon as you get them. Have your CRM set up to remind you to call your leads, or have the system send automated emails with product information. Likewise, collect your online lead magnet responses and get them into your CRM, too.

Call, email, and follow up with your direct mail respondents to begin building that all-important relationship. Use automation tools to make this easy on yourself. Your CRM is a start. But consider using a dialer — which can help you call through your list three or four times faster. And automate your informational emails. This will help you keep these new leads engaged and maximize your close rate.


As you can see, direct mail is far from dead. It’s just moved into the 21st century. Best of all, a direct mail system can fit into your existing aged lead system. Consider a campaign for your backburner “no for now” list, or target a new batch of aged leads from The Aged Lead Store. Whatever your approach, it can be a smart business decision to integrate direct mail into your life insurance business.

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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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