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How to Sell More Insurance by Marketing Yourself

By Troy Wilson
How to Sell More Insurance by Marketing Yourself Feature Image
7 minute read

You are your own best asset when it comes to insurance marketing. People enjoy doing business with real people. You can build an exceptional insurance business not only by mastering your products and delivering excellent customer service but by learning how to market yourself to sell even more insurance. Here’s how to do it.

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Master Your Elevator Pitch

The first step of selling yourself is explaining who you are and what you’re better at than other insurance agents. Get people interested in you right off the bat. Refining this message can be tricky to get just right, even for those who’ve been at it for years. Expect to tweak your elevator pitch over and over, as your business changes, to keep current.

When you’re just starting in insurance, you first elevator pitch will probably be an essential part of your phone script. A good opening is critical when you’re working with leads; it might be the only opportunity you’ll have to sell yourself in a few seconds. Work on an elevator pitch you could give in an elevator, too — to CEOs, people you meet at networking events, local business professionals, and folks you just run into out in public. You never know when one of these folks will have insurance needs your business could fill.

Know Yourself

Everyone’s a little bit different. We all have personalities, interests, and values that define us as people. You’ll find that many of your clients and prospects start working with you either through a conversation or by looking around your website or agency social media accounts, by trying to get a fix on who you are. People prefer doing business with real people so the more you can let your personality shine through the more likely you are to get a shot at their insurance business.

Now, you don’t have to pour your heart out exactly. It’s about deciding what makes you different, what your brand is, what your goals are, and what your mission statement is. Then communicate this consistently in all your sales presentations, branding, website, and so on. This process will help you develop your USP (unique selling position), and it will bring you sales.

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Maximize Your Strengths

In the same way, you can sell more insurance by marketing your personality, interests, and values, you can increase your sales by maximizing and advertising your strengths. There are many hats we wear as insurance agents — salesperson, consultant, financial planner, customer service representative, insurance educator, safety expert, maybe even health expert if you work with health insurance leads. While all these skills are essential ones to develop, it’s more important to find where you really excel and dig in.

Make sure prospects know that you have a deep understanding of financial planning and annuities, auto safety, Medicare Supplement insurance — whatever it is, you’re the expert and they shouldn’t trust anyone else.

Work Those Referrals

Referrals are a fantastic way to maximize your sales. You may think that referrals rely on your clients doing your marketing for you. But this is not quite it. How you prepare your insurance clients to speak to friends, neighbors, and family about your products and services has everything to do with how you market yourself to your prospective referrers.

Make sure they know why they should refer you — e.g., you’re the best at explaining complex coverage options — and that they understand why people can trust you — e.g., you care about each one of your clients, and it shows.

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Network With Others

Not every person you meet will buy insurance from you, but every one of them knows someone who could buy from you. This principle is the beauty of networking. There’s something about meeting new people, shaking hands, getting to know someone that solidifies a new connection. The trust you can develop from such relationships is like nothing else. And the referrals that will come from genuine networking efforts will pay dividends for years to come.

Put Yourself Out There

Sometimes, you have to put yourself out there. There’s no way to better capture attention than to get in front of a crowd and start talking. Yes, of course, it’s nerve-wracking. If it weren’t everyone would be doing it. But if you can calm your nerves, find your confidence, and speak well about insurance, about your business, about yourself, you will be surprised how well it pays off.

People are naturally attracted to individuals who can speak in front of a group, who can explain something complex, put words to what many are feeling. If this is a skill you have or can develop, you will easily be able to translate it into more insurance sales.

Become an Authority

Even better than being able to wing it in front of a crowd is being able to say something original or insightful in the process. This ability to educate is the opportunity to become an authority — on a particular line of insurance, on the insurance industry itself, or on business in general.

If you can become an authority, giving seminars, making educational videos, or writing articles, you will be seen, heard, and read by thousands of people. Many of those people will be thinking about purchasing insurance or will know someone who is. This growing audience can be another big opportunity for your business.

Get Involved in Your Community

Of course, not all your marketing efforts need to focus on the masses. You can build an incredible business by going local. Look at your local community. What speaks to you? What are you passionate about? What matches the values and mission of your business?

There’s probably an opportunity to get involved in a local community organization that satisfies the answers to some of those questions. It could be community sports, or an annual charity event, or a service organization, or a civic organization. Get involved because you care, but recognize that many will want to know more about your business because you care. It’s the best of both worlds.

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Final Thoughts

From elevator pitches to speaking engagements, to community involvement, there are many ways you can market yourself in order to grow your business and sell more insurance. These efforts pay off greatly in the long run.

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