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Insurance Marketing Automation Case Studies

By Troy Wilson
Insurance Marketing Automation Case Studies Feature Image
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Insurance Marketing AutomationInsurance sales are hard enough on their own, but without the right insurance marketing strategies, it can be even harder to get enough calls, clicks, and sales. Even with the best aged leads, it’s a must to get these prospects interested and then maintain their attention through the sales nurturing process.

In this industry, there are some software packages that can help you automate your marketing to help you generate leads and sales. MindFire, Hot Prospector, and Act-On are a couple that I’ve found work particularly well for insurance and related financial services businesses, saving you time and resources, so that you can focus on selling.

One of the best ways to understand marketing automation is just to see it in action. So here are six case studies to show you what marketing automation can do for a business just like yours.

Mortgage Refi

For Dan at North American Financial, Hot Prospector’s V.I.P. marketing automation services seemed like it could be a good investment. But he wanted to test the waters first. On a random Wednesday evening, his firm uploaded a prospect list and reportedly received 70 prospect call-ins in 2.5 hours. The email marketing, web marketing, and phone systems were all integrated and working together meaning he could focus on his role of qualifying borrowers.

Auto Insurance

OJ with BDC reportedly had a similar experience with Hot Prospector. He tells how his business sent out their first email campaign to 4,200 names around 4 p.m. and was able to generate 92 sales after a flurry of calls. The upfront cost was negligible because the software automated much of the work his team would’ve had to do manually to find those sales among thousands of initial leads.

Financial Services

In another case study, First National Bank’s credit card renewal division turned to MindFire’s automation to coordinate their direct mail and digital marketing efforts. Without automation, this could’ve been a costly and tedious sales funnel, but with MindFire, First National was able to drive a 44% response rate, 34% offer uptake, and 43% renewal rate. The automation system worked this magic by integrating a personalized URL — a unique web address for each direct mail recipient printed on the collateral — that links to the business’s campaign landing page. From there, the prospect is served by an automated email drip campaign. Even SMS messaging can be incorporated into automation efforts with most of this software.

Lending Services

TexanCash is another business that used MindFire’s automation software to drive applications for lenders. Once again, the tactic used was a direct mail personalized URL (PURL). With this system, the business was able to load prospects into the system, entice those direct mail recipients to go online to a customized landing page, and convert.

Carrier Insurance

Businesses of any size can benefit from these marketing technologies. Progressive, one of the largest names in insurance, used Act-On, another marketing automation solution, and was able to save time and money while doubling the speed of their marketing campaign development. Not unlike many smaller agencies, the study says Progressive had disconnected marketing efforts and systems, and an insufficient alignment between marketing and sales. Again, marketing automation made a huge difference, linking up email drip campaigns with landing pages and web forms, all in one system.

Agency Insurance

Another smaller insurance agency, Abram Interstate, also found success with Act-On’s marketing automation. The study notes the agency wanted to work smarter, rather than harder, but that was difficult because their email marketing was on one system and their CRM on another incompatible one. By bringing everything into one system that worked together, email open rates improved by a reported 75% and the team’s sales cycle was shorted by 50%.

Final Thoughts

Aged leads, in particular, are a volume strategy. You’ll raise your close rate and grow your business by talking to more leads. So automating the parts of the sales funnel that can be automated is a must, particularly when it comes to having systems that can talk to each other if they aren’t all contained in one software suite. Automation can help you coordinate email, direct mail, landing pages, SMS, CRMs, and even call systems. And we’ve just taken a look at what that can do for your business — phones ringing off the hook, increased open rates, less time spent on marketing, and even a shorter sales cycle. If you haven’t already, get a marketing automation system integrated into your process. You won’t regret it.

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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