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Must-Have Insurance Agent Tools for Working Aged Leads

Savvy insurance agents know it’s important to maximize ROI and stand apart from the competition. That’s why many agents are attracted to aged leads. Of course, anything doing is worth doing right. If you’re working with aged leads, that means working them with the right tools.

Set yourself up for success, not frustration, by making good use of these six must-have tools for working aged leads.

Insurance Agent Tools

1. An Auto Dialer

Aged leads are a volume game. The more leads you contact, the better your closing rate and the better your ROI. But time costs money. Scale your operation with an auto dialer to get the most out of your aged leads strategy. A simple dialer software setup with progressive or predictive dialing can let you call up to 400% more leads in the same amount of time. With the right dialer technology, a very small team can quickly and efficiently work through thousands of aged leads.


Client relationship management software (CRMS) has come a long way. Agents used to struggle to keep track of their leads and clients across spreadsheet and calendar programs. Now agents have access to an all-in-one, custom-tailored software that maximizes your sales effectiveness right out of the box. Many CRMS systems make lead nurturing a snap, with built-in digital marketing features and integrations with popular third-party products.

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3. Call Scripts

A strong sales script can really make a difference for an aged lead who’s been ignored for months — 95% of agents don’t call after the first week. After all that, a strong script can help put these customers at ease, get the lead talking, answer objections, and educate about products and services. Of course, not just any old script will do. Putting together a great script is about including all the right elements and then testing and refining, based on performance.  

4. Digital Marketing

Marketing has come a long way since the days of sandwich board signs. Digital marketing rules today, consisting of a whole system of digital tools working together. It’s a must for today’s insurance agent because prospects often need five to seven contacts to close a sale. Digital marketing can take many forms, including display ads, email marketing, social media, content marketing, lead magnets, and more.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing deserves special mention because it’s one of the most important digital marketing tools for working aged leads. Savvy agents use email marketing to build relationships, nurture warm leads, get referrals, and even cross-sell to current clients. With only 2–5% of web leads ready to buy now, most need nurturing with a tool like drip email marketing. This effort pays off though, with 50% of all leads eventually closing, given the proper attention.

6. Social Media

Social media is another tool that deserves special mention. There’s nothing better for maximizing lead generation and cultivation. Smart agents use social media to add value to their customers’ experience, answering questions, sharing tips on blog posts and in white papers, and recommending products and services that meet the needs of your clients.

Putting Your Tools to Work

In order to take your insurance business to the next level, it’s crucial to put all these tools to work for you. There’s plenty more to say on the above tools, must-have features, strategy tips, and specific product recommendations that work best for insurance agents like you.