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How to Requalify Your Aged Leads

By Troy Wilson
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Requalify Your Aged LeadsYour life probably isn’t the same as it was six months ago, and it may not be the same next year either. That maxim that change is constant also holds true for your old leads and past clients.

Requalifying your old aged leads is the smart thing to do. Whether a particular lead ultimately went with another service provider or with you, doesn’t matter. Both types of aged leads are worth calling again a few months out.

However, it can be daunting to call the same lead again. You may think: If I didn’t qualify them the first time, why would I qualify them now? The answer is obviously that situations do change, often in a matter of months. For those who still think they don’t have anything new to say or ask, here are my sales tips on how to phrase your query and what to do next.

Phrasing Your Query

When you’re calling a lead you’ve already spoken to in the past, it’s important to use a soft approach. Whether or not they remember your previous interaction, any type of hard sale will not work here. The important thing is to quickly build on whatever connection you previously established and get them talking about their current situation, current service choices, and current or future needs. Sales expert Mike Brooks identifies some great ways to do this with B2B leads on his blog. Here’s how to approach your B2C leads in a similar manner.

Verify Their Information

Since it’s been a few months since we last spoke, let me make sure my info is correct. You have [type of policy] with [company name], yes?


[Customer’s name], I’m updating my information for all my accounts this month. Do you mind if I verify a few things?

Again, there are two types of requalifying leads you might call: backburner prospects and current customers. So choose the type of query that will work for your particular situation.

With past prospects that didn’t end up buying from you, be sure to lead with the information you do have. You will quickly take on more legitimacy in the eyes of your lead by recounting your notes on a previous conversation. However, there’s a fine line. You could turn this advantage against you if you seem to already know everything about the lead.

Ask if They’re Satisfied

Let me get up to date with you. Last time we spoke, you said you were happy with [type of policy] from [company name]. Is that still the case?

For aged leads that you know previously went with another service provider, start off by asking them how they like their choice. Whether they say they’re thrilled, generally satisfied, or dissatisfied, the lead may say something that could prompt you to ask a follow-up. So listen carefully.

Remember, just because a prospect believes they’re satisfied with what they have, doesn’t mean they’d never consider a better alternative.

Check for Changes in Coverage Needs

Because these things are always changing, let me ask you a couple of quick questions about things about your current situation. Are you still driving the [type of car]? (Or substitute other such questions relating to their policy needs.)

Whether a lead is your current client or not, you can still ask questions to dig around and see if they may need additional or new coverage because of a life change. Perhaps the family bought a second car, had a child, bought a new home, is considering more life insurance coverage, etc.

A client who has an existing policy with you for one type of coverage could become a customer for another type of coverage. Similarly, a customer who’s happy with Brand X for their car insurance may be open to your offerings for life insurance coverage.

Next Steps

Whether you’re requalifying an aged lead who bought from you or one who didn’t, keep the conversation going once the lead shows a willingness to answer your initial queries. Ask them how they feel about the relevant products and services they already have. Ask what questions they have? Find out if they’ve undergone significant life changes since you’ve last spoken. Or if they’re anticipating changes in the near future — if you don’t ask, you’ll never know the guy who’s happy with his current term life policy might need a whole life policy if that promotion comes through next month.

Keep all of your questions with a requalifying lead conversational. Remember, this isn’t an interrogation. You want your prospect to feel at ease. Use the information you do have to build a quick basic rapport with your lead and leverage those advantages to learn more and close more sales.

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Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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