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Great Sales People Make It About People

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
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Have you ever noticed that the best sales people make landing deals look easy? They don’t seem to be sweating their numbers. They always seem to have extra time. They always seem to be playing–dinner, golf, charity events. Why is that?

I have a theory…struggling sales people make sales about widgets, quotas, numbers, revenue. Top sales people make it about people.

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When you make sales about serving people it takes on a whole new look and yields better results. Here are some ways to change your behavior and increase your sales:

1. Listen. The conversation is about the customer anyway, why not let them lead? This is one of the most profitable behaviors you can perfect. Customers love to take about their wants and needs. They will (literally) tell you how to close them–you just have to listen for the question.

2. Help. Make it a point to help someone everyday. It doesn’t have to be a client or a targeted customer. You will be amazed how many referrals you get from people you helped, but were never customers.

3. Play. Let customers get to know you. Allowing your customers to see you at play (not talking about business) draws them in closer. Chances are your personal interests (i.e., golf, music, reading, sports, etc.) tend to touch on interests shared by customers. This will also accelerate your relationship and potential for future referrals.

Learning to be a great sales person may be less about sales techniques and more about learning to socialize with people.

What do you think? How do you make your sales process about people?

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