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‘Great Resignation’ Leaves Many in Search of Quality Health Insurance Benefits

By agedleadstore
‘Great Resignation’ Leaves Many in Search of Quality Health Insurance Benefits Feature Image
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Many Americans who quit their jobs during the pandemic are still struggling to find quality health insurance.

In what is now known as The Great Resignation, millions of workers left their jobs in 2021 at a record pace — which means many left behind employer health insurance.

The Great Resignation began in response to worker discontent following the pandemic, plus an increase in job openings and wages elsewhere.

The Labor Department reported a record 4.5 million workers quit their jobs in November, while job openings were at 10.6 million.

Restaurant and health-care workers led the surge of those leaving their jobs.

Among those who left their jobs, a number of those in new part-time positions or who turned to self-employment were left without employer health insurance.

While President Joe Biden recently said 14.5 million Americans have signed up for health insurance since Nov. 1, with more than 10 million enrolling on, many still are struggling to find a quality plan they can afford.

According to a 2020 Commonwealth Fund survey, 71 percent of uninsured Americans who didn’t get coverage through the Obamacare marketplace or a private insurer said it was too expensive.

Others found that for the price, the marketplace doesn’t offer the level of support they need.

However, as part of the American Rescue Plan, the Biden administration expanded subsidies for federal and state health insurance plans, which was meant to significantly reduce the cost of coverage for many.

A Policygenius survey found that 70 percent of Americans are confused about the availability of financial assistance with a federal health insurance marketplace plan.

Sixty-one percent were unsure whether financial assistance was available, while 9 percent believed it didn’t exist.

The survey also found that even more workers would leave their jobs if health insurance wasn’t a factor.

This indicates that many people may be staying at a job that’s not the right fit for them just because of the health insurance, experts say.

Experts say many don’t understand what their health insurance covers, either.

They believe a push is needed for more resources to help people learn about how health insurance works, and what is available for those seeking coverage.

For now, health experts say, the focus should be on providing quality health insurance information and resources to make sure people understand what’s available to them.

The danger, they say, is that the unfamiliarity with health care basics can result in harm to both a person’s health and finances.

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