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Government Surges Health Insurance Leads

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

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Nothing generates consumer inquiries like government action. As the politicians battle out healthcare reform on the 24 hour cable news networks and the front page of local newspapers, consumers are flocking to the Internet to figure out what’s going on.

Curiosity has motivated many consumers to take a look at their current health insurance plans–and many are very concerned. This concern is a huge opportunity for insurance brokers and agents that are buying Internet leads.

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Consumers Have Health Care Questions

Healthcare reform has filled consumers heads with questions. The plans on the table are enormously complex–200+ (legalese) pages complex. The average American wants someone to breakdown the news headlines and talking heads into normal language. This is your opportunity.

Health insurance leads, by definition, are people asking questions. What does my current health insurance cover? How will my healthcare coverage change? What are the advantages and disadvantages of healthcare reform? What should I be doing to prepare myself or family for healthcare reform changes?

Answering these simple questions in an understandable way will fill your health insurance sales pipeline.

Consumers are Surprised by Health Insurance

As people open up their health insurance policies and dig into the details of their plans–they’re surprised or more confused. The stress of understanding and comparing health insurance plans and healthcare reform possibilities is driving the opportunity for you to talk to a lot of new health insurance prospects.

What are the advantages of talking to consumers and answering their questions now? You are stocking the pond for when healthcare reform does or doesn’t happen. Either way this legislation is going to trigger massive shifts in health insurance plans and policies. The process has gotten consumers asking questions and educated on health insurance. Many will want a change.

Consumers Want to Compare Health Insurance

The questions are in their heads now, consumers are going to want to know what healthcare coverage they have now. All of this political debate has made consumers curious. They want to compare what they have to what is available. You should make sure you are the one making those comparisons.

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Nothing is better for the insurance business than lots of confusion and questions in the market. This is your opportunity to build a trusted advisor relationship with lots of prospective customers. Seize this opportunity. Build your database today and help a few of the thousands of Americans currently concerned about the future of their healthcare and insurance options.

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