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Getting the Sale Started May Be More Important than Closing

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read

We have all heard the infamous sales mantra–ABC, Always Be Closing. But what about Openings? This is the essential question Anthony Iannarino, of The Sales Blog asks, what’s more important the opener or the closer?

Closers are Charging Hard, Maybe Too Hard

Often the ABC persona will run customers hard into the ground. That means lots of rejections, which is a natural part of sales. However, is it possible you are shoving off good prospects because of your aggressive approach?

A good sales person is more about keeping customer on track than shoving them into a purchase. Buyers remorse can be a damaging result and certainly doesn’t encourage referrals.

Openers are Starting a Relationship

The good thing about practicing your opening is it gets a good conversation underway. I have always believed that good conversations are the heart and soul of sales performance.

People love to talk and more often than not about themselves. This is a marvelous opportunity for sales people. Customers talking about themselves is filling your ears with angles to encourage them to buy.

Focusing on being a good opener is likely to increase your conversion and your overall batting average


But, You Still Need to Get the Job Done

Just remember though–In the end you still need to get the deal. That means pushing a little, at the right moment, with the right pressure to get the deal done.

Perfect that opening and then learn the art of closing.

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