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Focus on Your Customers’ Triggers Through the Sales Process

By Troy Wilson
Focus on Your Customers’ Triggers Through the Sales Process Feature Image
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Don’t underestimate the power of focusing on customer triggers through the entire sales process to really grow your business. Triggers can take multiple forms. Some only involve the customer. Others can trigger a customer to move through a sales funnel. Being aware of these triggers and using them effectively can really help your sales. So what triggers can make the most difference?

Focus your efforts on emotional triggers that get to the heart of your customers’ pain points:

  • Saving Money
  • Saving Time
  • Living Longer
  • Being Comfortable
  • Avoiding Hassles

But don’t just throw out customer triggers haphazardly. Use them strategically throughout your sales process. The implementation will vary depending on your business and customers, but here’s how you could use triggers to move customers through a basic five-stage sales process and close more sales.

Triggers in the Sleeping Stage

Customers are unaware they have a problem that needs a solution. Your triggers here should focus on education about the problem and cold calling pattern interrupt techniques. Focus on emotional pain points — concerns about saving money, wasting time, dealing with uncertainties, and so on.

Use your outbound marketing techniques to support this stage of your sales process. Write blog posts that describe the problem, eBooks, and white papers that offer deeper education, and cold calling to speak to and qualify new prospects, where appropriate.

Triggers in the Realization Stage

Now prospects are not only aware of the issue; they want a solution. This is really where your buying cycle gets going. Your triggers here need to present solutions to the customer’s issue. Explain that your products or services will help save money, save time, improve the customer’s live, help the customer live longer, or live more comfortably.

You can author more blog posts, eBooks, and white papers that pull these triggers as well. Remember you don’t want to leave your customers on their own to deal with their newly realized problem! With phone sales, this is the time to send tailored information packets outlining possible solutions.

Triggers in the Justification Stage

Further into the sales process, prospects are personally invested. They will actively study and explore what solutions are out there and consider what might work for them. Focus your customer triggers on how your particular products or solutions can save your customer money, time, hassle, and how their lives will be better for it.

More in-depth materials can help at this stage, as will demonstrations and one-on-one consultations or phone follow-ups. Make sure to explain the how of your products and services offerings.

Triggers in the Decision Stage

It’s time to pull the trigger and make a decision. Your prospective customer has gotten a better idea of their problem, knows they need a solution and has gotten a good picture of what options are out there. So why should they pick yours?

Focus on triggers that will increase their confidence in you personally and be ready to provide evidence. Testimonials, customer success stories, and case studies are a must. Make sure your recommendations emphasize the money saved, the time saved, the better quality of life, the hassle-free buying process, and so on.

Triggers in the Purchase Stage

Your customer has decided to buy, and you’ve closed the sale. You’re done, right? Not just yet! Follow up again with your customer. Make sure you thank them for their business and reassure them on their purchase decision. Leave the door open to further contact for questions or additional business. And lastly, make sure you ask for referrals!

Don’t miss out on the chance to include customer triggers in these communications, too. Remind your customer about the money and time they’ve saved, reinforce that the process was quick and hassle-free, and confirm they made a smart decision. Do this, and you’ll watch your referrals and repeat business go up.

Next Steps

You’ll be surprised how much your sales process improves when you use these customer triggers strategically throughout your sales process. Stay on the lookout, though. These are just a few of the triggers customers respond to. There are many more out there you can use to boost sales and improve your closing rate.

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