Final Expense Telemarketing Scripts and Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a surge of interest in purchasing Final Expense Insurance, particularly in young people, which hasn’t really happened before.

Even with emailing and social selling, picking up a telephone and placing cold calls is still one of the greatest ways to sell Final Expense Insurance.

Right now is as perfect a time as any to purchase bulk aged Final Expense Leads, pick up the phone, open your CRM, and start working on your Final Expense Telesales skills. 

Read more below to learn our helpful Final Expense scripts and tips to help you close more sales and earn more money during this special window of opportunity.

Why Telemarketing and Telesales are More Important than Ever to Final Expense Insurance Sales 

Traditionally, Final Expense Insurance sales were done in-person, but the pandemic has changed all that. Now you’re more likely to make the sale over phone, or perhaps through a Zoom call. 

Consequently, your cold calling skills are going to need a bit of refining.

One of the biggest adjustments you’ll need to make is shifting from a two-step close –  selling the in-person appointment, and then the insurance policy – to an all-in-one telesales closing style.

In its simplest form this is using a telemarketing sales script or framework that looks something like this:

Opening/Introduction – a simple greeting and clear identification of who you are.

“Hi, Susan! This is Bill from ABC Family Insurance Agency. I’m following up on the request you made online for some info on Final Expense Insurance.”

Trust and Credibility – a quick open-ended question that disarms their defenses and starts a normal (non-salesy) conversation.

“What questions can I answer?”

Building the relationship – Simple lifestyle questions that continue to relax the client and allow you to begin qualifying them.

“What do you do for a living? Has that changed with all this Corona-stuff?”

“Are you married? Are you all having to figure out this Work From Home stuff together? Luckily my wife is a teacher and they are doing in-person school. How about you all?”

“Do you have kids? Are they doing in-person or virtual school?”

Pivot to the application – Once you have some small talk under your belt and you’re beginning to shift to more personal questions, it’s time to pivot to the application. Make sure you don’t get lulled into gabbing too much and forget the opportunity at hand.

“I could chat all day with you, but I’m sure you have a million other things going on and I want to be mindful of your time. Let me ask a few questions and get your final expense insurance application started.”

Close and Next Steps – Wrap up the conversation in a concise way, but leave them with a clear understanding of the next steps and the process of getting their policy in place.

“Okay, Susan I’m going to get this submitted right now. Here’s what’s going to happen next… Any questions?”

This is a very general final expense telemarketing script, but honestly, you don’t need to overthink your sales script. But, you do need one and you do need to practice it.

The secret to telemarketing sales is practicing and refining your sales script. You want to get to a place where you’re confident in your pitch and that confidence comes through to calm and reassure your customer that they’re in good hands.

Do you need some leads to practice on?

Aged leads are an affordable way to fill your CRM with more prospects and give your sales training more at bats. If you really want to perfect these scripts, you need lots of practice. 

The Aged Lead Store can provide you with affordable Final Expense Leads, ready to download 24/7.

5 Simple Final Expense Telemarketing Scripts

Opening Final Expense Script

Keep your opening greeting fairly short and simple. Tell them who you are, what company you work for, and try to ask them an open-ended question, one that can’t be answered with a simple yes or no. For example:

“Hi, Melinda! This is Bill from ABC Insurance. I’m following up on the request you made online for some info on Final Expense Insurance. How’s your day going so far? ”

Asking “How’s your day going so far?” is a friendly use of assumptive language, better than asking “Is now a good time for a phone call?” With either question, they’ll let you know if they’re interested or not. So when possible, use assumptive language to persuade them to continue chatting with you.

Needs Analysis Script for Final Expense

Needs analysis questions are the heart of the sales call. It’s your opportunity to ask your prospect qualifying questions to determine how serious they are about purchasing Final Expense Insurance. Are they newbies to insurance? Are they serious about purchasing or just getting more information? Below are a few great questions to help you get more information out of your prospect.

The following questions are a good way to find out your prospect’s “trigger event,” the emotional driving force that got them researching Final Expense Insurance. When you find out about their trigger event, you will have a great shot at getting their business. Give these questions a try:

“Is there a specific reason you’re looking to purchase Final Expense Insurance today?”

“Can you share a little bit why you’re interested in purchasing Final Expense Insurance today?”

After you’ve found out their trigger event, you’ll want to gauge how serious they are about purchasing Final Expense Insurance, or if they’re “just looking to get more info.” Give these questions a try:

“How much experience do you have with life insurance and Final Expense Insurance?”

“What other companies have you spoken with about Final Expense Insurance? How were those experiences?”

Common Final Expense Questions Script

You’ll find after calling several prospects the same questions or rebuttals will keep popping up. Below are some of the most common questions or rebuttals, and ways to counter them.

Them: So, what exactly is Final Expense Insurance?

You: Final Expense Insurance is a life insurance policy that’s meant to cover burial expenses and other debts you have so your family will be better equipped to handle the situation.

Them: How much will my policy cost?

You: Final Expense Insurance is generally affordable, but how’s this sound, I’ll get back to you with more specifics once I can learn more about you and your family’s needs? 

Them: I’m older and in poor health, am I still eligible?

You: I’m sorry to hear about your health problems, but yes you are eligible! The great thing about Final Expense Insurance is there’s no medical exam involved, and anyone can get a policy.

Trial Closing Script for Final Expense

Trial closing questions are a good way to take your prospect’s temperature. Are they still a cold call, or are they warming up? Below are harmless sounding questions that are meant to gauge your prospects interest so that when it comes time to closing, they’ll be more likely to say yes. 

Be sure to sprinkle in some of these trial closes during your conversation. If their answer is yes, great! If their answer is no, then ask follow up questions and be sure to take notes on the call so you can update the prospects CRM page later.

“How do you feel about the process so far? Is there anything I can help you better understand?”

“Based on what we’ve discussed so far, how are you feeling?”

“Does that all make sense? If not, I’d be happy to answer more of your questions.”

“What are your thoughts so far?”

Aged Final Expense Openers for Final Expense

Use assumptive language and a familiar tone when working with aged leads. Remember, these people have been contacted in the past before by salespeople, so try to make it sound as if you’re just following up with them, not cold calling for the first time.

Use some of these following lines to create rapport and a feeling of familiarity between you two:

You: Hi [NAME]? (then pause. It’ll make them search their memory, as if they should know who’s calling them)

Them: Hello?

You: Yeah, this is Bill from XYZ. I know you were looking into purchasing Final Expense Leads, are you still looking to purchase insurance?

Or another example:

You: Hi [NAME], this is Bill. (pause after saying your name, so they can again search their memory)

Them: Hello Bill?

You: Hey! So I wanted to follow up with you about purchasing Final Expense Insurance, do you have a few minutes to tell me how your search is going?” 

Now, It’s Time to Take Action

Let’s give these scripts a try. Open your CRM and start dialing those final expense leads. If you don’t have enough to get calling right now head over to the Aged Lead Store and get affordable final expense leads instantly, 24/7.


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