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Shift Your Mindset – 5 Excuses Salespeople Need to Stop Making

By Troy Wilson
Shift Your Mindset – 5 Excuses Salespeople Need to Stop Making Feature Image
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Are you or your team losing sales because of excuses? If so, you’re not alone. Sales is a tough job because half the work happens in your head before you ever pick up the phone. If you keep making the same excuses, it’s going to be tough. Mindset is everything.

Instead, shift your thinking away from bad excuses. Here are five excuses to stop making today.

1. You Don’t Have the Time

No, you don’t have enough time. None of us do. You have to make the time to call your leads, to keep up with your records, to follow up — every day.

It’s true, some days you may have too much on your plate. But putting off important daily activities to catch up on this or that usually doesn’t end well. Let yourself off the hook one day, and that can easily become a pattern that’s days or weeks long. A pattern can quickly become a problem.

Instead, shift your thinking. When you’re working at your full potential, you’re almost never going to be not busy. Busy is the natural way of things. Work excess leads, paperwork, or other chores around your daily routine. Do this without abandoning your process.

2. You’re Crushing It So You Can Afford to Take a Break

Congratulations on crushing your monthly sales goal, or getting all your calls in before 3 p.m., or finishing all your paperwork in record time. Feel free to give yourself a pat on the back, but don’t use it as an excuse to slack off. This is partly what leads to the common feast or famine cycle in sales.

People give themselves an excuse to take a break that’s invariably too long; then they end up behind. Your pipeline weeks or months down the line is often dependant on your activity today. If you slack off, the whole system can get out of whack.

So keep pushing. If you’ve already met your goal, set a new one. If you’ve finished up the day’s work with hours to spare, start on tomorrow’s work. Call your list again.

3. You’ve Already Called That Lead 3 Times — Why Bother Again

You can nearly repeat back some of your leads’ outgoing voicemail messages you’ve heard them so many times. Why bother calling your list again. At best you think you should move on to a new list. At worst you’re discouraged overall.

On the surface, it’s not unreasonable to feel this way. But take a look at the data. Research says 80% of sales go to the 8% of salespeople who ask for the sale at least five times. That’s a lot of time on voicemail. But the numbers prove it’s worth it.

So plan to encounter some initial nos and some voicemail. Understand that it’s part of the process. Timing, need, budget, trust, etc. all have to align for a prospect to say yes. So be tenacious.

4. You’re Afraid of Losing Your Current Clients

There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging our fears and emotions. The problem comes in when we let fear alter how we would normally do things.

There’s a tendency to close up when a new lead or current client tells you bad news. Maybe their industry is struggling. Maybe they got laid off. Maybe they found out they’re having triplets (not a bad thing, but something that could make money tight).

But remember that your relationship with your clients is a business relationship. They expect business to happen when they talk to you. So don’t worry about pushing too hard. Instead, focus on understanding the client’s situation and look for ways you can help solve them. For example, a term life policy seems all the more important with triplets on the way.

5. You’re Not Going to Close Any Sales Because It’s…

It’s the week after Christmas. It’s Halloween. It’s tax day. Whatever the holiday or occasion, you can usually turn it into an excuse for why your efforts are going to be wasted because your leads won’t be home, they won’t be in a buying mood, or they won’t have any cash on hand.

Don’t make your prospect’s sales objections for them. That’s not your part to play. Off-season sales still happen, mostly because there’s always some holiday or event approaching or that’s just passed. Regular life doesn’t slow down much for such occasions and neither should your work ethic.

So keep making those sales calls. Be tenacious and watch yourself continue to qualify leads and close sales.

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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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