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Email Secrets to Convert Internet Debt Leads

By Troy Wilson
4 minute read
'Getting Started Process Flow' for Email Marketing

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Internet debt leads can be generated through various mediums. However, the biggest challenge lies in following up with all of them through the sales cycle until they are persuaded to buy. It is important to follow up with the prospects quickly or within hours of receiving the leads to avoid losing them to competitors.

Converting Internet debt leads and improving the closing rates can be simple with prompt, customized emails to these leads. Unless you start instantly following up with your debt leads, you will not be able to convert them into profitable clients.

The following 5 email tips can help you get started with an email campaign to contact and easily convert your Internet debt leads.

Compelling subject line – The time and effort spent in crafting a well written email to a debt lead will be wasted if the subject line is not compelling and does not interest the potential debt customer to open the email. This is one of the most important factors that determine whether your debt lead will open the email, ignore it, mark it as spam, report it or delete it. Also, a poorly written subject line may not even reach your lead’s inbox. Your email subject should convey a timely or valuable proposition including a call to action which will make your debt lead feel they are missing out on real value if they do not open the email. A subject line should not be over promising or misleading about the content of the email.


Customize your email to each lead – This can be a time consuming process but the conversion potential it holds cannot be overlooked. Customizing the email requires careful thinking and planning. The content of the email should grab the interest of the debt customer. The information should be concise, realistic, and accurate. Internet debt leads are not typically customers willing to invest time in reading long emails. Personalizing the content to some extent will also make your debt lead understand that they are not among the hundreds to whom an automated email has been sent using an auto responder.

Avoid the use of auto responders – An auto responder may be a great help in reaching out to hundreds of debt leads within minutes, saving you time to focus on additional leads. However, this is not the best option when you are contacting your lead for the first time. This technique may not be very successful in converting more of your real debt leads who are looking for a personal touch with factual information in the email.

Use educational content – The best way to get a client’s interest is to provide the educational content they’re seeking. Your email should list your product or service benefits in an attempt to add value to their search for debt relief or consolidation. Educating the debt lead through a series of emails is bound to lead to higher closing percentage which means more profit and growth prospects for your business.

Respond to debt leads promptly – It is critical to check your emails regularly to respond to your debt lead’s inquiries in a timely manner. If your debt lead needs detailed information on your offerings and you do not have the information ready, it is important to inform the lead that their email has been received and they can expect to receive the information they’ve requested shortly. A simple act of courtesy can go a long way in building your debt lead’s trust and in increasing the chances of conversion.

These basic email secrets will help in getting the attention and interest of your debt leads and boosting the response to your emails. Email campaigns are one of the best ways to start and develop a positive relationship with your leads and increase the chances of conversions. Regular email communication increases your credibility with your leads and instils the trust in them to make a positive buying decision.

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