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Email Marketing: Better Contact Rates & Sales Come Along With Direct Speak

By Troy Wilson
Email Marketing: Better Contact Rates & Sales Come Along With Direct Speak Feature Image
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Direct SpeakDoes your email marketing sound like everyone else’s email marketing or do you stand out with Direct Speak?

Here’s another question: Do you notice when someone marches to the beat of a different drummer? Most likely, you sit up and take notice. If that person has something original to say or even a different way of communicating an ordinary message, you listen. That’s the power we call Direct Speak.

When so many sales professionals offer the same promises in the same wording, it blurs together. You can stand above the competition, improving your contact rate and winning more sales, when you march to a different beat with Direct Speak.

What Not to Say in Your Email Marketing

There are a number of phrases that have become a matter of course in sales emails. Many of them are not good. Phrases like “I guarantee the lowest price,” “I can help you reduce costs,” “click here for more information,” “just checking in,” and “don’t hesitate to contact me” are some of the most common examples.

The problem with all of these phrases though is that they don’t speak directly to the needs and concerns of the customer and they leave you, the salesperson, in a weaker inactive position. The indirect nature of these common phrases leads to misinterpretations and inaction. Not good for your contact rate or your closing rate.

Applying Direct Speak

Instead, focus on what you want to communicate and what you want your customer to do. Let’s look at those example phrases individually.

“I Guarantee the Lowest Price”

I’m sure you do, just like every other salesperson this prospect has ever talked to in their life. But while you turn the focus to price, you neglect a more actionable service or product feature — value. Focusing on value puts you in a better position to move the sale forward.

“I Can Help You Reduce Costs”

Likewise, everyone is offering to help lower your prospect’s costs. What makes you any different or better? Flip the focus to value. Detail how your product or service will benefit this specific prospect. Most prospects are then happy to pay for the benefits they need.

“Click Here for More Information”

Are you the source for information for your prospective clients? Or do you send them clicking all over the web for information you could have provided on your own website or even inside that very email marketing message? If your goal is to get the prospect the info they need to make a buying decision, then put that info front and center.

“Just Checking In”

No one calls or emails just to “check in.” While this phrase has helped many salespeople start a conversation, it isn’t direct enough to make you stand apart from the crowd. When you follow up, be prepared to offer something of value to your prospect for giving you their time. That could be info about a new coverage upgrade that just became available, your firm’s latest white paper, or just your time to answer any questions holding back their decision.

“Don’t Hesitate to Contact Me”

With a phrase like this, you may feel you’re putting the ball in the prospect’s court. That’s not your job, though. Your job as the sales professional is to lead this prospect to a closed sale or a disqualifying “no” — even if it’s only a “no for now.” By all means, let your prospect know that you are always ready to answer the phone, but schedule your own follow-up in case you don’t hear back from them.

What You Can Expect

If you adopt Direct Speak in your email marketing messages, you are going to see some changes in your business for the better. People like plain speech and upfront messaging. With the right tone and content in your email messaging, you should see increased open rates and response rates. Your CTAs will become more actionable because they are more direct. With more qualified prospects in your pipeline, you’re going to close more sales as well. Seriously, direct messaging offers and confident calls-to-action work. Try it; you won’t be disappointed.

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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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