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Sales Pipeline Management: Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Up With Prospects

By Troy Wilson
Sales Pipeline Management: Don’t Be Afraid to Follow Up With Prospects Feature Image
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Follow Up With ProspectsIs now the best time to call leads? How about now? Let’s face it; it’s easy to second-guess yourself when it comes to aspects of your sales pipeline management. Knowing how to sell an insurance policy to your customers isn’t always easy.

Just about everyone has had one of those days where they just don’t feel like making follow-up calls. You feel like you’re pushy, or annoying, or you just don’t have the energy today that you know you need to inspire trust in your prospects.

So you’re not alone. However, that’s not a good enough reason not to make these calls. The truth is that follow-ups are one of the most important parts of the sales process. Here are four ways your next follow-up call could help you turn an on-the-fence prospect into a committed buyer.

1. You Are Not Being Pushy or Annoying

If a lead requested information about buying your insurance product and she hasn’t bought yet, you’re not being pushy to call back and check in. Not that long ago, a prospect was interested enough in buying a new insurance policy that he went online and filled out a quote request form.

You have to remember, most people have very busy lives, and while getting their insurance situation taken care of may be important, it doesn’t occupy all their thoughts all day long. Your call may be a great reminder that they need to make that purchase decision.

2. Your Next Call Builds Your Relationship

Sales are all about building a trusting relationship with each of your customers. People often buy because they feel a human connection with their agent. So think of each follow-up call as a new opportunity to build and solidify that relationship with your prospect, which will, in turn, help you close more sales.

Each call gives you a little more information about your prospect or her organization regarding needs and goals. The more info you have, the better you’ll be able to tailor your approach. Also, don’t forget to take notes in your CRMS and review them before each contact. Asking about kids, pets, vacations, etc., can go a long way.

3. Your Follow-Up Makes Your Lead Feel Important

We all want to feel important and be noticed. A great psychological effect of following up on your leads is this sense of feeling important. And it’s true, this lead is important. You do want to help her find an insurance policy that meets her needs and goals.

In some cases, your attentiveness to the potential transaction can inspire the prospect to move this decision up their list of priorities. Even if a prospect ends up being a “no for now” prospect, a warm and attentive record of following up may have them switching to you in the future.

4. Your Follow-Up Sets You Apart

So many agents rack their brains trying to think of ways to set their business apart from the crowd. Well, one simple answer is simply to follow up more. Did you know that a full 95% of agents never, ever call again after the first week? And as many as 30% of leads may never even get a call at all. If you follow up multiple times, well, you’re already ahead of 95% of agents.

But don’t stop with just two calls, or three. Keep following up with all of your viable warm prospects, until they buy or are disqualified as leads. It can take as many as six contacts to close some sales these days, so don’t get discouraged.

Use a CRMS that reminds you when to follow up or that even sends automated letters and emails. Use a dialer when you’re going through your follow up leads. This can make fast work of your list, letting you work as much as four times as fast.

And most importantly, remember that following up with prospects does not make you a nuisance. You are simply monitoring their ongoing needs and offering vital services.

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About Troy Wilson

Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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