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Do You Love Cold Calling?

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
The A.B.C.s
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Cold calling is really the center of the aged lead business. You are making a commitment to working hard and making a lot of calls when you buy aged leads. Chances are these are leads that other lenders or debt businesses passed on or rejected.

Cold Calling is Real Sales

I think that is kind of a noble cause. I think the work that lenders and debt businesses do to convert my aged leads is something pretty amazing. So often the articles and books written about sales is negative towards cold calling.

I don’t think making a lot of sales calls should ever be looked at negatively. It is how this business gets done. And if you are able to do it and good at it to-you should be proud.

The reality is that cold calling is real selling.


Real Salesmen Love Cold Calling

I got on this thought when I saw this article from the Sales Machine on BNET. By the way if you are not subscribed you should be,. He’s got great stuff.

His article is strong. He contends that the top sales people love cold calling. Here is his fantastic analogy:

Here’s an analogy.  Most people hate exercising and don’t it; they’re called couch potatoes. Some people hate exercise but do it anyway; they’re called healthy people. A very small number of people exercise simply because they love it; they’re called athletes.

Do you want to be a Top Sales Pro?

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How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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