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I am a big advocate of using the Web to build a really smart network around my business. Simply adding a few quality resources to your daily Web browsing routine can enhance any business.

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Since I have a lot of debt lead buyers I think it is important to really understand their business and what they need from their marketing partner. How do I do this? I spend a good portion of my day reading and participating on these websites and forums.

Destroy Debt Forum – This is a great resource for the debt industry. It is very large, current, and well organized with the basics of debt counseling and consolidation, while hitting at some more complex debt scenarios and solutions.

Debt Consolidation Care – These folks probably operate one of the largest debt forums on the web. They are experts at building very active and smart communities on various topics.

Here is a great blog post on several of the best debt forums. As you can see the community is relatively small, but this should give you a great opportunity to network quickly and get some of the best information and value from these community resources.

Check Available Leads!

Like any community or networking activity–you get the best results out of participating. So, check these out these debt forums and get involved.

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