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Freelancers and Solopreneurs are Creating Lots of Health Insurance Shoppers

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

The need for lead generation for a health insurance agent or broker is always paramount to the success of their business. Today’s grim economic scenario has resulted in the laying off of thousands of skilled workforce in the US alone. The positive impact has been the rising number of freelancers and solopreneurs who now earn their living by running their own business from home offices. The negative impact has been the lost health insurance coverage from their former employers or the option to continue their health coverage at a very high cost.

COBRA passed in 1986 is an example in the US market for employees who want to keep their company’s health insurance coverage, the rider being that they have to pay their portion of the premium in addition to the portion the company was paying on their behalf. This is a costly proposition for someone who has just lost a job. For an insurance agent, it means business opportunity and the ability to help these people.

Some of the laid off workers may be covered by their spouse’s health insurance policies but most of them are without any coverage. It’s this market which insurance agents should actively look into for the enormous business opportunity they hold. Freelancers and solopreneurs have created a niche online health insurance market. They are net savvy and constantly look to the Internet to solve most of their major issues, health insurance being one of them.


A lot of freelancers and solopreneurs go through the Chambers of Commerce or the National Association for the Self Employed or through the freelancers cooperatives to seek competitive health insurance policies. Whatever the route, the fact is that they are on their own without a health insurance plan in place and would like to get the best health policy in terms of their budget and any pre-existing medical condition they may have. The optimal mix they seek would be a low deductible and a high to medium payout to take care of most medical bills.

As a health insurance agent, if you have not yet tapped into this market, it means you are losing out on a lot of potential health insurance leads. You must also be aware that getting insured through a union or group may not get the freelancers and solopreneurs the best medical coverage, especially when health insurance is sought for the entire family. A customized health package is called for in many cases which only increases the number of health insurance lead opportunities that you can work on.

The probability of converting these leads into sales is also high if you take into consideration that many prospects have pre-existing medical conditions which will make it difficult for them to get coverage from most insurers. If you are an agent who specializes in providing policies to these kinds of health insurance customers, your business potential is very high and you could be earning a lot of money by tapping into this market.

The best way to reach out to solopreneurs and freelancers is to buy leads online from Internet lead companies who attract and market to these health insurance prospects through their websites, capturing them as they shop for health insurance policies.

If you want to open up the volume of health insurance prospects you can work consider the lucrative market of freelancers and solopreneurs as one of the best options. And see if an Internet lead generation company can jump start your marketing efforts in this new health insurance niche.

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