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Cool Motivation Series You Should Subscribe To

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read

Cold Calling Motivation - NextWaveMarketingStrategies.comHave you ever had a day when your sales motivation was just lacking? If you said no, you’re in a very small minority. Most members of a sales team, even the ones that really enjoy prospecting and cold calling, have days when their enthusiasm wanes.

At times like that, Gapingvoid has just what it takes to get you going again. Run by Hugh MacLeod, cartoonist, and his business partner, Jason Korman, Gapingvoid features motivational cartoons that will both make you laugh and light a fire under you.

One cartoon, for instance, features a monster with razor-sharp teeth and the caption, “Have you hugged your client today?” Another advises the sales team that their number one job is to be “totally frickin’ amazing.”

How to Order

You can order a dozen of their Hugh and Jason’s handpicked favorites at once. The pieces arrive unframed with a total cost of $1000 plus shipping and handling. That’s a $500 savings over ordering each print individually. You also get one bonus print.

If you don’t want the whole set, another option is to hand-select your favorites. Each unframed print costs $125 plus shipping and handling.

Perhaps the best deal of all, however, is to subscribe to the series. For $75 per month plus shipping and handling, you get one unframed print to adorn your walls and increase sales motivation.

You may also be interested in subscribing to “Hugh’s Daily Cartoon Newsletter.” Every weekday, you get a little dose of Hugh’s humor in your mailbox. It’s a great way to start the day with a laugh before getting on to the task of cold calling or customer relations management.

It’s About More Than Just Fun

Looking at the Gapingvoid cartoons are a great way to tickle your sense of humor and get your brain switched over to sales mode. Don’t think, though, that Gapingvoid is all about cartoons. The company also provides advisory services to help you strengthen your business culture, implement a social media program, and corporate installations.

Working with Gapinvoid is like having a best friend who is always good for a laugh, and who is smart as a whip about business as well. In fact, their clients have included luminaries such as Nestle, Intel, and Microsoft. If you want to improve your sales motivation and enhance your workplace environment, this is one series you absolutely can’t afford to miss.

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