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Closing Your Sales Pitch with Confidence

By Troy Wilson
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Closing Your Sales PitchAre you closing sales with enough confidence? If not, don’t despair. Sales rep confidence is a skill that can be learned and improved. Paired with a strong cold calling sales pitch, you’ll be closing with more leads than you ever thought possible.

Many newcomers to cold calling sales struggle with confidence. But the secret to gaining confidence isn’t winning sales — that’s the result of being more confident in your approach. Increased confidence is fully within your control. The key is recognizing that it’s mind over matter. Here are my four favorite tips to get you started on the road to more confident sales closings.

To Be Confident, Always Be Prepared

You’ve heard it works for boy scouts and I’m here to tell you it works for sales agents, too. On the surface, a sales conversation seems unpredictable before it happens. How will it go? you wonder. You may feel like you have no idea what to expect when the prospect answers the phone.

However, the behavior of prospects in sales conversations is fairly predictable. You will find that the same sales objections come up time and again. People will seek out your product to solve a few kinds of problems or achieve typical goals. Your prospects, in general, are all motivated to buy because of a few specific impulses.

While you can’t prepare for how your next cold calling conversation will go, you can be prepared for these objections, problems, goals, and motivations that the sales conversation may reveal. Always be prepared.

Your Attitude Matters More Than Theirs

Both you and your prospect came into this sales conversation with an attitude, an outlook. Your prospect’s attitude might be positive, negative, or neutral, but the fact is, that your prospect’s initial attitude doesn’t matter.

Of course, your attitude has to be positive — and you should be confident that you can solve this prospect’s problem. Because you’re well prepared, confident in your skill, and you did your research. From there, it’s really a battle of wills. To close, you’ve got to maintain your attitude and not let theirs negatively influence your pitch. The initial attitude of the prospect, good or bad, doesn’t matter. Yours does.

Attitude Trumps Pitch Content or Product Quality

A confident salesperson can successfully sell to a prospect with a mediocre pitch about a so-so product. Meanwhile, a timid salesperson could lose every sale for the perfect solution with a fantastic pitch to the ideal prospect.

Attitude is everything. This is a startling realization for many people who would prefer to believe we’re all fairly rational decision-makers. But the fact remains, successful sales rely more on your confidence than your actual product or pitch content. You, of course, do have a great product and a strong script to sell it — so there’s every reason in the world to be confident about selling it.

When in Doubt, Use Your Script

A call script isn’t some drab document for you or your sales agents to read to people over the phone. It’s a living document that provides a roadmap through the sale call procedure, past common objections, to get to the close.

Most sales agents find they look at their script less and less as they gain confidence and command of their sales skills. Still, it’s a nice security blanket to have — until later when you may realize you’re so comfortable you don’t need it in front of you anymore. So use a script — and of course, make it a good one — to help boost your confidence when you’re new to sales. I still love using scripts with aged leads for many other reasons, but for new agents, it can be a great instant confidence booster.

Closing With Confidence

It’s true that your best closing rates will come from your ability to build rapport with prospects, listen well, sell benefits, and solve problems, but the first step is confidence. All your work on the former will be for nothing without first developing a strong inner confidence.

A confident attitude can win over skeptical prospects, overcome imperfections, and sail past flubbed script lines. Use a script and sales preparation to boost your confidence initially, and continue to work on it for the lifetime of your sales career.

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Troy is the CEO and founder of Aged Lead Store. He has been in the lead generation industry for over two decades. His blog posts focus on how to refine your sales process and get the most out of your insurance leads, mortgage leads, and solar leads.

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