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Best Way to Increase Sales: Manage Your Sales Leads

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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One of the top questions I get from my aged mortgage and debt leads clients is: “Troy, how do I increase my sales conversion.” The answer is very simple–manage your sales leads.

If you want to get the most out of your aged leads, whether they be mortgage or debt is to manage them properly. Most of my clients are using some form of lead management system. I have given a few examples of some of the top ones in a previous post. So, in this post I will just review what are some of the most critical components.

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Easy to Import Leads into the System

Hopefully you will be acquiring and importing thousands of sales ready leads. The last thing you need is for this importing process to be a pain. It should be simple and quick. Time wasted trying to get leads into the system are sales lost.

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Check to see if your lead management system has support for Microsoft Excel or CSV imports. These are the most common lead file formats.

Efficient Way to Distribute Leads

Once your leads are in the system, you need to immediately get them into the hands of sales people. This should either happen automatically or be as simple as the click of a button.

Your software or system should be able to quickly slice and dice the lead data to segment. This segmentation should then be able to be quickly pushed or pulled into a sales person’s pipeline.

Good Queuing or Prioritization System

You want to have your sales teams working efficiently through their pipelines. You want follow-up to automatically queue, bubbling old leads back to the top for follow-up. Prioritization will also help ensure that your sales folks are working on the leads you deem as the most important.

Ability to Quickly Status and Note Leads

No lead, especially in the aged lead world, will close on the first contact. You need to document conversations you have with customers. These notes will help you seem familiar and focused on that client’s deal.

In addition to simple notes you need to have a way to status leads. These statuses will help you track and forecast future revenue opportunity.

Incorporates Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a great way to multiply the effectiveness of your sales resources. This automation, especially on aged mortgage and debt leads will assist you in contacting more leads. It will place you at the top of thousands of customer minds without even touching the phone.

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