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Best Apps/Gadgets for Insurance Agents

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

If you’re an insurance agent, you may not log much office time. In fact, you probably spend a significant part of your day on the road going to networking events and meeting with clients and potential clients. It can be hard to manage contacts when you’re out there and all of your equipment is back at the office. These apps and gadgets may help you ease the separation anxiety.

Apps An Insurance Agent Can’t Do Without

CardMunch – Business Card Reader by LinkedIn ( CardMunch is an iPhone app that allows you to take pictures

of business cards, convert them to your address book contacts, and then add them as LinkedIn connections. New technology now makes it easy to access new contacts much faster than before.

Insurance Journal News ( If you’re a news junkie, then this iPhone app is just what you need to follow breaking insurance news at the national and regional levels. Furthermore, if you come across an article your boss, colleagues, or clients need to see, you can forward the material with the touch of a button.

LIFE Foundation Needs Calculator ( Many life insurance clients aren’t sure how much coverage they need. Now you can help them figure it out with this handy iPhone app. The LIFE Foundation Needs Calculator allows you to ask a few easy questions and come up with a ballpark figure. It’s especially useful if you can’t get to the

Top Mobile Apps for Sales Teams -

Top Mobile Apps for Sales Teams –

more sophisticated calculations on your desktop or laptop.

Handy Gadgets for the Busy Insurance Agent ( Are you tired of fighting for fax machine time, waiting by a machine that never seems to ring, or calling your office repeatedly to find out if an important fax came in? You can do away with all that drama by signing up for allows you to send faxes from and receive faxes at your email address. You can select a local or a toll-free number as your fax number, or if you prefer, you can divert faxes from an existing number to your computer.

Visioneer Mobility Color Cordless Scanner ( This space-conserving scanner allows you to scan important documents wherever you are. You can direct the scan to an SD memory card, a USB flash device, a computer, or a smartphone. It takes approximately 10 seconds to scan a page, and you can scan up to 300 pages per battery charge.

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If you have to be away from your desk some of the time, the least you can do is make it easy on yourself by making sure you have the right apps and gadgets to allow you to do your work wherever you are.

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