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The Basics of Auto Dialer Software

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
Next Wave Marketing Strategies Basics-Auto-Dialing

Next Wave Marketing Strategies Basics-Auto-Dialing

Auto dialer software is an essential part of telemarketing and one that enhances productivity. This type of software is a must for any company who is using telemarketing as part of their marketing plan or buying large quantities of internet leads. Knowing the basics of auto dialer software is crucial if your a company thinking of integrating it into their sales process.

The following are why auto dialers have become popular for many sales teams.

Main Function: Time Economy

The main function of auto dialer software is time economization. There are a number of ways that auto dialers accomplish this. For one, all dialers have the common denominator of reducing the amount of work that needs to be done by the telemarketer in order to put calls through. This allows the telemarketer to focus on the task of making sales rather than dealing with time consuming elements of manual dialing.

Automatic Dialing

As the name implies, auto dialers dial numbers automatically. Of course! This saves a lot of time by itself. A long list of numbers, perhaps internet leads your company has generated through online marketing campaigns, or even the batch of leads you just ordered. All of which can be entered into the program and it goes through them, either in a specific order or randomly, and dials them for one telemarketer or even a room full of them.


Routing and Rerouting

Call routing is necessary because usually telemarketing is not done by only one individual but rather a team. Calls are usually routed by the software to the first available telemarketer. If there is some problem and the first caller to whom a call is routed becomes unavailable, the call can be rerouted to a new, subsequently available caller. It is easy to see how this saves time. The list of internet leads or other prospects are called automatically and there is little wastage of time that would otherwise be lost if the telemarketer got or made another call.


Calls are also redialed if they do not go through, or even if the customer hangs up. This allows for an individual to be contacted several times during a work shift, increasing the chances of a conversion. The auto dialer makes sure to recontact the individual in order to increase these odds by putting the call into the queue several different times.

Pre-Recorded Voice Transmission

Auto dialers can also integrate the use of pre-recorded vocal messages. The dialer makes the sales call and if it is answered, the software activates the digitally recorded voice transmission which delivers a marketing message to customers or potential customers. This saves huge amounts of time and money on telemarketing. Though its effectiveness often does not match that of live telemarketers, it can be an effective part of the sales process, useful for generating leads and making initial contacts.

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