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14 Sales Tips for New Auto Insurance Agents

By agedleadstore
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For young or inexperienced auto insurance agents, there’s a lot to learn and it can feel like your age isn’t always working in your favor. 

But take heart — we were all young and inexperienced once. And, as this post will show you, a youthful spirit can be a big asset in the aged lead insurance business. 

When it comes to auto insurance sales tips, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Some tips will work, some tips will fall flat, and others will require some tweaking. 

The key to success is trial and error, patience, and persistence. The more you learn, the more you’ll understand where to spend your time, money, and other resources in the future.

Let’s look at 14 auto insurance sales tips to kickstart your career.

1. Look and act the part

If you’re new or especially young, it can throw some older prospects for a loop. It’s usually not personal, but with the average age of an insurance agent today being 59, it’s safe to say you’re not who they were expecting.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your prospects can be won over—if you look and act the part of a professional agent. 

Firstly, dress well. If you are the sharpest dresser on your team, people will notice. Clients will immediately understand you take the work and their insurance needs seriously. 

Also, consider that we are all playing the role of the professional and attentive sales agent. Inside you may feel less than sure of yourself as a newer agent, but work to make sure that’s not apparent to your clients. As a bonus, you discover yourself feeling sure of yourself in no time.

2. Focus on an “in”

In every good sales conversation, things get going once you find an “in” that lets you connect with your prospect on a more human level. Get in the habit early of looking for this common ground with all your prospects.

It could be the local football team’s season, shared stomping grounds in the same neighborhood, commutes to work, or particularly for an auto agent like you, car talk — how’d that car handle in the weather last season, does it get good mileage, etc. 

Whatever it is, finding common ground quickly gets a prospect to see you as a real person, just like himself. And prospects trust real people a lot easier than they trust a stranger.

3. Draw from experienced coworkers

Just because you’re new to auto insurance doesn’t mean the rest of your office is. 

Together, your team likely has decades of experience in the business. And though there’s usually healthy competition between agents in the same office, ultimately you’re all on the same team. Particularly when you’re new, learn everything you can from your more experienced coworkers.

At the same time, you can often put prospects concerned about your age or experience level at ease by referencing the experience of the group. Reminding them that every agency has verification and quality control procedures to make sure work is done correctly goes a long way.

4. Take an interest in your demographic’s hobbies

Beyond the run-of-the-mill common ground topics you can use to break the ice, many younger agents find it helpful to take an interest in your target client demographic’s hobbies. 

Again it can help break the ice and start building that all-important agent-client relationship, but hobbies are often a better bet than sports or all-weather tires.

Topics like the stock market, golf, running, local arts, fine dining, might be a good start, depending on your typical client profile. You’ll need to tailor things a bit, but these sorts of hobbies are a good bet among car insurance customers.

5. Remember to listen

Of course, sales aren’t all about chit-chat. In fact, the less you talk, as a general rule, the better. Your primary purpose, of course, is to get your prospect comfortable enough to start talking. 

At that point, you want to shut up and listen. No matter how your client is answering your questions, there will be important clues — what she wants out of her insurance, where she has an objection, and where she is in the decision process so far.

So once you’ve established that common ground, ask those sales questions and then sit back and analyze the answers. It can be a tough skill to master right away for some, but when you do, it will make your sales work so much easier.

6. Take advantage of tech tools

If you’re a young millennial, you may not remember a time before computers, the internet, and perhaps even the smartphone. For the older agents out there, this will not be the case. So take advantage of your natural tech-savvy abilities to get ahead of some of your sales competition.

There are a host of digital sales tools out there that can help you work a massive volume of leads, and if you’ve got the best aged leads, that will turn into more sales. 

However, it’s often tough for older agents to get a handle on these tech tools, much less take to them as a young person would. If you are quick with technology, realize that this could be a big asset for you.

7. Embrace your youthful assets

If only experienced agents could sell insurance, then firms would only hire experienced agents. Young and fresh agents bring something fresh to the team, and that’s why many agencies seek out fresh talent.

If you have boundless energy, a strong drive to prove yourself or make a difference, or approach the world with bold optimism — great, put that into your sales work. It will certainly set you apart from some of your more world-weary competitors in the minds of prospects.

8. Focus on customer service

Prove to your leads that you really do care about customer service. Go the extra mile to show that you’ll do whatever it takes to make them happy. And of course, if you run into a dissatisfied lead, do your part in turning things around for them. 

There’s no replacement for great customer service. 

9. Ask questions

Sometimes the best way to learn more about a prospect is to ask questions and listen. So, make a list of questions that may work for your conversation and ask them when the time arises.

Not only does this move the discussion along, but it gives the lead an opportunity to share more information. You can then use this information to better position your sales pitch. 

10. Target young consumers

You’re young, they’re young. For this reason, you may find it easier to connect. Also, younger consumers are often interested in buying auto insurance from a younger agent. They realize that you “get them” and are able to better tend to their wants and needs. 

When buying leads, use age filters when possible. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re targeting the right consumer base. 

11. Don’t confuse your prospects

Auto insurance may not be confusing to you, but many prospects only know one thing: they need a policy to legally operate a motor vehicle.

Cut through industry jargon that does nothing more than confuses your prospects. Lay the foundation with basic information, answer questions, and provide more context as the sales process moves forward. 

12. Don’t be afraid to cold call

New auto insurance agents — especially those who are younger — often struggle with this. They grew up in an age of email and social media. Cold calling isn’t something they know well. Sound familiar?

Your first cold call can be scary, but don’t let that stop you. The more calls you make, the easier it is to tweak your approach for success. 

Tip: read our blog on writing sales scripts that convert

13. Get involved with social media

The auto insurance industry is evolving. Over the past three to five years, a growing number of prospects have taken to social media to learn more. 

By getting involved with social media, you give yourself another outlet for finding and connecting with new prospects. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are three of the best places to start. 

14. Remain persistent

It’s easy to give up too soon as a new auto insurance agent. You know there’s a fine line between persistence and annoyance. 

Remember this advice: don’t give up on a lead until they tell you to stop contacting them. 

There are things you can do — such as email marketing — that keep you at the top of your prospects’ minds. 

Auto insurance sales tips summary

What matters in this business is how well you sell auto insurance. You can’t change your age or previous experience, but you can improve your sales skills every day. Young, passionate, and open-minded sales agents are a real asset to an agency. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an older agent helping others or a younger agent getting started in the industry, your success is driven by your sales skills and your ability to generate leads. 

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