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Are You Selling with Social Networking?

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read
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It seems like everyone is selling with social media or social networking these days, or at least making that claim. But, how successful are these rainmakers?

I have shared several tips on this blog. And I think it all comes back to one fundamental principle: social selling is for building relationships. Social networks are like cocktail parties. You might get a sale from them, but you are not selling at them.

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This is a nice little summary of this point I found over the weekend:

Manners, please! Social networking isn’t for hard sell.

Here are Jon Lasner’s common sense tips:

  • Don’t lead with a sales pitch (though an “elevator pitch” may still be appropriate with proper context),
  • Don’t come with the sole intent of seeing how many business cards you can pass.
  • Be interested in others.
  • Be engaging without making it all about you.
  • See whom else you can connect with those new people you meet.
  • Find opportunities to help someone.

What are your rules for social networking and selling online?

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