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My system for working aged leads

By Bill Rice
My system for working aged leads Feature Image
2 minute read

Today I’m going to share how I work aged leads.

Check it out my aged leads sales process…

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Here is what I cover in the video:

  1. Treat them like past clients, not fresh leads – Too many people try to use their real-time or referral leads sales process on aged leads and it just doesn’t work. Fresh leads are generally expecting your call or email. The secret to getting an aged lead’s attention is leading with an assumptive approach that makes the prospect feel like they should have been expecting your call. Watch the video to see how I do this.
  2. Create a drip email sequence to nurture them – Don’t rely on your motivation to get these leads re-engaged. If you call them or email them once, you’re probably going to be frustrated. (See above. They aren’t expecting your call.) Use sales and marketing automation to nurture these hundreds or thousands of leads at scale. This will help you to use the law of large numbers to get lots of deals over an infinite amount of time.
  3. Follow up with calls and voicemails that don’t sound cold – Lots of you hate to leave voicemails, but I think they are essential to your training and the customer experience. Even if you use voicemail drops – leave voicemails. Watch the video to hear out my philosophy on voicemails.
  4. Use lead magnets to turn them back into real-time leads – This is a great tactic to turn lots of aged leads into fresh, real-time leads. Secret: this is a trick lots of real-time lead providers use.
  5. Get more impressions with a multi-channel approach – Use Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Adwords remarketing to increase the impressions (number of time customers see you) and help you to become a familiar brand and face when you call and email.

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Happy selling!

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About Bill Rice

Bill Rice is the Founder & CEO of Kaleidico, a lead generation agency. Bill specializes in mortgage marketing, legal marketing, lead management, and sales automation.

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