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5 Ways to Generate Leads With Direct Mail

By Chris Bibey
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With no shortage of ways to generate leads, it’s critical to keep an open mind. 

While the internet has forever changed the way you do business, it’s important that you still consider the benefits of direct mail. 

Direct mail is a form of marketing in which your message is physically delivered to your prospect’s mailbox. Common forms of direct mail include flyers, postcards, and sales letters. 

In this digital age, you may be wondering how direct mail is still efficient. Today, we’re breaking down five ways that you can still generate direct mail leads. 

What are the Benefits of Direct Mail?

There are unique benefits associated with every form of lead generation. For example, buying aged leads is a quick, affordable, and efficient way to move prospects into your pipeline. 

Direct mail benefits include:

  • Ease of use: You don’t have to print anything yourself. You can outsource it to a professional. 
  • Highly targeted: Choose every last person on your mailing list (if you want).
  • Multiple formats: Flyers, postcards, sales letters, catalogs, and more. 
  • Simple to measure results: Use a custom phone number and/or URL to measure results. 
  • It’s tangible: People like stuff they can touch. They can hold onto a postcard. The same can’t be said about an email or text message. 

Now that you’re familiar with the overall benefits, let’s dive into three of the best ways to generate leads with direct mail. 

1. Buy Leads Online

The only way to excel with direct mail marketing is to have a steady flow of leads. And unless your website is generating a large number of these, you need to find another source. That’s where buying leads comes into play.

When you buy leads, you’re supplied with all the information you need to contact a prospect. This includes their physical address, email address, and phone number. 

There are three paths forward:

  • Use direct mail to make your initial contact with a prospect.
  • Use direct mail to follow up with a prospect.
  • Use direct mail to provide additional information.

Since time is of the essence with purchased leads, it’s generally best to reach out immediately via phone and/or email. This affords you the opportunity to make contact before your competitors.

Unless you close a deal on your first contact — which is a challenge — you can then use direct mail as a follow up method. For instance, explain to the prospect that you’ll send them more information on your offering via mail. 

It generally takes several touches with a new lead to make a sale. So, get into the habit of using direct mail as a follow up method to buying leads online. 

2. Check Your Competition

You should spend more time on your own business than you do tracking your competitors. That goes without saying. However, you can learn a lot through consistent check-ins on your top competitors.

When it comes to direct mail, there are a few ways of doing this. The easiest method is to personally pay attention to the mailers that you receive. If you come across something from a competitor, review it carefully so you can answer questions such as:

  • What type of mailer is it?
  • What type of information is included?
  • What is the call to action?

Another option is to use a service such as Who’s Mailing What. With this service, you can quickly unearth the direct mail pieces that your competitors — and others in your space — are using. 

Here’s how the company describes its service:

We source our intelligence through hundreds of hand-picked panelists across the country. These active panelists are distributed across a wide range of geographies and demographics to ensure that we’re able to offer you THE most comprehensive collection of print campaigns in the world.

You never know when you’ll pick up a tip from a competitor that you can use in your next direct mail campaign. 

3. Use New Homeowner Lists

Depending on what you’re selling, a new homeowner list is a good way to connect with prospects who recently moved to a particular area.

Take for example a company that sells residential solar panel systems

By connecting with new homeowners, you’re touching base with prospects who are often more willing to spend money on an upgrade.

Call to Action Tips

There’s a lot that goes into generating leads with direct mail, but there’s nothing more important than the call to action (CTA). A poor CTA or none at all reduces the likelihood of the prospect reaching out to you.  

Here are three simple to follow call to action tips that can help you craft the perfect message:

  • Be specific about what you want the prospect to do (call, text, email, etc.)
  • Add value to hook the recipient.
  • Use technology such as QR codes and a Personalized Uniform Resource Locator (PURL).

Experiment with one of these or experiment with all three. Just make sure you’re taking steps to implement a powerful call to action. 

Test, Test, and Test Some More

All of the ideas above should get you thinking about the best direct mail strategy for your business. However, if you’re not generating direct mail leads, you won’t have anything to show for your efforts — and that’s a disappointment.

This is why you should track and test every last element of your direct mail campaign. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The type of mailer
  • The information you include
  • The format, such as how text and images are used
  • The call to action
  • The color scheme 
  • The copy 

Just because a campaign didn’t generate results before doesn’t mean you should start from scratch. Review it from beginning to end, make changes, and test it once again. A minor tweak here and there may be all it takes to get a better response. 

Final Thoughts

According to Fundera, “direct mail response rates are five to nine times higher than any other advertising channel.”

That’s a large number that can do big things for your business. Too large for you to count out the possibility of getting leads through direct mail. 

If you’re ready to get started with direct mail advertising, consider pairing this approach with the purchase of online leads with Aged Lead Store. This gives you a list of interested prospects to target through your direct mail efforts. 

Contact us today to get started! 

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