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5 Tips to Motivate Your Sales Reps to Keep Dialing

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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During tough economic times it’s very challenging to keep your sales reps motivated. Like the old saying goes “smile and dial”. But work smart not simply hard. Employ every available technique that will not only increase sales but also improve the job satisfaction of your employees. Remember, no matter how great your CRM or Internet sales leads maybe it always comes down to the people you employ genuinely going after closing the sale. No auto dialer is going to close a sale for you in this highly competitive marketplace.

Customer prospects want personal interaction and someone they can trust calling them by name. Purchasing insurance and refinancing their home are some of the top decisions anyone will ever make in life. Be realistic, certainly they are not going to rely on an auto dialer to close such an important step. The auto dialer may be a great reminder tool but it comes down to whether your sales reps are motivated to personally dial the phone number and create a relationship with the prospect. If this critical function does not occur often enough do not expect to meet your monthly goals.


Unhappy sales reps are generally a ticket to disaster. Motivate your team with high quality sales tools armed with competitive information clearly on a flash card located in each of their office spaces. While on the phone, there’s nothing more frustrating than being unable to answer a prospect’s question. This fatal missing information could be the tipping point that lost a sale.

Supply a general talking points telephone script that highlights the key information, costs, features and methods to close any sales. Make it precise, clean and crisp. Instruct sales reps to ask you or find on their own answers to question that may require a follow-up call.

Measure the individual and team progress making adjustments on the fly while testing new methods. Don’t be afraid to make changes, companies that succeed never remain stagnant. They are always innovating new and better developments.

Listen to the customers to gain critical feedback from the field on market trends, new products, competitors, etc. Empower your sales reps to think independently – working in some cases like entrepreneurs running their own business.

For the most part sales is a numbers game plus quality assurance. Pricing is key to success. Remember every Internet sales lead you contact has Internet access that means instant ability to shop around for best pricing 24/7.

Use contests and bonus prize incentives to make the job more urgent. It’s a great tool to motivate sales reps keeping them dialing. If they know it’s a $50 bonus, restaurant gift certificate or new flat-screen TV – be sure the dialing becomes much easier for most sales reps.  You bet those eager sales reps will be dialing like there is no tomorrow. I often place the bonus prize on display to add excitement i.e. put the flat-screen in the middle of the team office space for all to see as they work.

Finally, recognize good work. Even those that are not the top three reps deserve recognition. Perhaps, take your sales team out for a cost effective lunch buffet. This is a great time to gain feedback and motivate your sales reps to keep dialing.

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