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5 Tips to Motivate Sales Reps to Follow Up

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read
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Before you can motivate and build a great sales team, you must be motivated yourself. That means you must have a great sales script, targeted Internet leads, and something of value that will actually generate sales. If you’re a small business entrepreneur it may take some time to fine tune your business model. This comes after long hours, learning from failures and building on success. It rarely ever will happen overnight instead it could take months.

The key to being a great manager or leader is finding the natural ability to motivate people. Most great CEOs can quickly read people adjusting their approach for optimal results in order to achieve their desired goals.

Hiring self motivated sales people is a great start towards ultimately building a successful team. But don’t expect these people to be whistling while they work every day. For example, cold calling sales leads can be brutal on a person’s self esteem as they encounter many hang-ups and rejections. It’s a numbers game knowing that X percentage will become a sale. Likewise, X percentage of the sales prospects you hire will actually succeed.

If you’re using a commission compensation package, the odds may be even less as the majority of these sales prospects will likely be unable to earn the necessary income. However, you will find those special sales people both men and women that are self motivated and eager to learn. These people are typically innovators likely to always seek out improvements.


As you fine tune your hiring process, you should devise tests and projects that uncover which people have that special sales touch. For example, measuring the progress of each person as they complete your inside training program is essential. Each level of progress should be carefully studied always with the goal of increasing sales. The personal satisfaction of each sales person making a career decision to come on-board should also be taken seriously.

Keep in mind, the quantity of sales people is not always the determining factor to success. A few highly skilled sales reps on your team strategically located geographically usually produces better results.

Make sure you communicate to your team the expectations and sales goals. Keep them informed through email, group meetings, and status reports. Run contests among the sales reps. Create an upbeat positive work environment but always give incentive to those that meet or beat their target goal.

Continuously train the sales team using both cost effective online multimedia and classroom presentations. Give your sales team the tools to beat any industry competition. Directly, outline clearly how your company products are superior to the competition. Perhaps, you beat the competition on pricing or maybe it’s a better quality more reliable product.

Lead your team by example; always display an innovative and positive attitude. Show enthusiasm and respect for the customers. Keep focused even during tough economic times. Keep plugging away. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas and approaches designed to increase sales revenues.

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