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5 CRM Companies That Are Cloud Friendly

By Troy Wilson
2 minute read

Best_Cloud_CRM_SystemsWhen it comes to customer relationship management, cloud CRM has many benefits over standard on-premise CRM. If your data is stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere that has online access instead of from a select few computers usually located in the company’s office. Since your best sales agents may spend a lot of their time traveling, it is important that they be able to access customer relationship management information quickly and easily. The following companies all have a solid reputation for offering cloud CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

The Microsoft name sells this service. Its capabilities include marketing, customer service, and a framework that allows businesses to customize applications and industry-specific solutions to fit their own unique needs.

Sage CRM Professional

Sage offers both cloud-based and on-premise customer relationship management editions. Some features of the cloud edition include capturing insurance leads, lead management, mobile applications, the ability to generate reports with the touch of a button, Outlook integration, and mass email abilities.

Commerce Online

Like Sage, Commerce offers both web-hosting and data storage on premise. One of the few customer relationship software companies that is compatible with Apple Mac, Commerce was designed especially for the needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. Its top features include detailed records of sales and opportunities, lead management, and impressive reporting and analytical capabilities. Commerce also offers a mobile application for the on-the-go insurance agent.


Salesforce offers several editions with varying capabilities to suit businesses of different sizes. It’s most popular customer relationship management tool, the Enterprise, includes a customizable sales process that allows agents to track exactly where they are in the conversion process. It also offers tools to help agents collaborate with others on their teams, such as the ability to manage territories or to communicate easily with other team members when managing insurance leads.


Acumatica has a stronger focus on accounting than it does on customer relationship management, but it does offer a handful of options such as lead tracking. It also provides a clear timeline of all client contacts so that the agent can follow the relationship from initial inquiry to conversion.

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