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5 Advantages to Buying Life Insurance Leads

By Troy Wilson
3 minute read

5 Advantages to Buying Life Insurance Leads
Life insurance can be a tough sell because it requires customers to think about their own deaths. This is not only a very unpleasant event to consider, it is also an event most people hope – and fully expect – will not occur until far into the future. Thus, they may brush aside any suggestion that they need life insurance.

So, what is an insurance agent to do? The simple answer is, “Buy leads.” Purchasing life insurance leads can give your sales team several advantages.

Identify Leads Who Are Ready to Talk

Leads are people who have called a toll free number or visited an Internet site to request information specifically about life insurance. Unlike many people, they are ready to acknowledge their own mortality and think about how their deaths might affect their loved ones. In other words, your sales team is only responsible for selling the product and not the idea behind it.

Save the Time and Expense of Generating Your Own Leads

Generating your own leads often means updating your website to accommodate requests for information, writing ad copy, cold calling, or attending brick-and-mortar networking events. All of these activities take time and money that could better be spent on wooing leads whom you already know are interested.


Check Available Leads!

Get Accurate Contact Information

Most lead generation companies offer complete and correct contact information. If the information your sales staff receives is not complete or is inaccurate, you can request a refund.

Get Customized Life Insurance Leads

Maybe you’re only looking to sell life insurance to people who live within a certain zip code, or perhaps you’d prefer to work with a specific group such as new parents or senior citizens. Your lead generation company can filter the leads they sell you so that you receive only leads that you are interested in pursuing. This saves both your staff’s time and the customer’s time.

Respond Quickly to Leads

The real-time lead feature offered by the majority of lead generation companies transfers life insurance leads to you the instant someone expresses interest in receiving additional information about life insurance. This gives your sales agents plenty of time to follow up within the “golden hour,” the first hour after the information request and the time during which leads are most likely to convert.

Don’t make finding life insurance prospects harder than it has to be. Allow lead generation companies to do the hard work for you so that your staff can focus on making sales and on customer relationship management.

How to Use Aged Leads in Your Overall Sales and Marketing Plan
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