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4 Tips To Working Your Aged Life Insurance Leads Successfully [Face-To-Face Sales]

By David Duford
4 Tips To Working Your Aged Life Insurance Leads Successfully [Face-To-Face Sales] Feature Image
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If you’re buying aged life insurance leads, you may wonder how to best work these leads relative to new leads?

There are four techniques I want to discuss in this article to best prepare you to present and close more of your aged life insurance leads.

Treat Them No Different

The bottom line, treat aged life insurance leads like a fresh insurance lead

There’s a number of reasons why:

  • Admitting lead age may open up objections to speaking or meeting.
  • The lead may have requested life insurance information elsewhere and we can tap into that interest.
  • They may have never been contacted the first time around.

Don’t think too deeply about the age of the lead. Simply treat them like fresh leads, and do not change your script.

Try Door Knocking

If the phone number is disconnected, try stopping by on a door knock. 

I come from the final expense business. Prospecting leads via door knocks is a profitable way to find final expense sales.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We show up unannounced at the prospect’s door.
  2. We ask for an appointment on the spot, or booked later that day.
  3. We make the sale on the first call.

Believe it or not, this strategy works wonderfully with aged leads. There are more people than you’d think that would allow a life insurance agent in their home. And many of these leads may have faked their number on the lead anyway to avoid a conversation.

In those cases, the agent who shows up first wins the business. If you can, go see the lead, telling her that you’re here about the information they requested. 

You’ll be surprised at how well it works!

Set Blind Appointments

What is a blind appointment? 

The bottom line, setting blind appointments involves you booking appointments with as little pre-qualifying and information given to the prospect as possible.

Blind appointment setting is an effective strategy to maximize your face-to-face appointments, especially if you are not drowning in leads.

Not everyone likes this strategy. Some prefer to qualify the lead a bit to test if there’s actual interest. The reason I like it is that most agents have more time than leads, and occasionally you’ll run into sales opportunities you wouldn’t have realized had you qualified over the phone.

Using this strategy, I’ve sold insurance to all sorts of people who were hanging around while I spoke to the prospect, like kids, spouses, or boyfriends, that I would not have gotten if I had pre-qualified.

Until you’re buried in leads, don’t pre-qualify. Just see the people. Use the phone to sell the appointment, and the appointment to sell the product.

Brush Up On Objection-Handling

Last, spend time brushing up on your objection-handling skills. Expect to hear more objections working aged life insurance leads than with fresh leads. 

To help you prepare, here’s a formulaic approach I use to rebuttal objections:

  1. Acknowledge the objection
  2. Provide a reason why to meet
  3. Sell the appointment, then,
  4. Close for the appointment

Here’s an example of how the script sounds when booking the appointment over the phone or in-person if the lead says, “I’ve already got life insurance:” 

“Great, I’m glad to hear that. And the reason why people meet with me anyway that already have life insurance is because our programs are totally different. And all I need is five minutes to show you how this works, and whatever you do with it is up to you. How about tomorrow at 10:00 or would 2:00 work better for you?” 

This script is formulaic, so if they object differently, modify the script accordingly while following the basics of the script. It’s best to use formulas as much as possible when handling objections as formulas are easier to remember.


When working aged life insurance leads, do the following:

  1. Treat them no differently than you would any other insurance lead. 
  2. If they’re disconnected, just try door knocking, don’t be afraid. Give it a shot. It works very well. 
  3. Only set blind appointments over the phone, and, 
  4. Make sure that you know how to handle objections.

Thanks for reading!


Photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

About David Duford

David Duford owns, a virtual insurance agency helping new and experienced agents nationally become top producers in final expense, Medicare, and annuity sales. He is the author of 3 best-selling insurance sales and marketing books, including “The Official Guide To Selling Insurance For New Agents, “The Official Guide To Selling Final Expense Insurance,” and “Interviews With Top Producing Insurance Agents.” David is also a YouTube Influencer in insurance sales with nearly 14,000 subscribers and more than 1.5 million total views.

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